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Abu Jack
02-02-2010, 13:06
DOD Identifies Army Casualties

The Department of Defense announced today the death of two soldiers who were supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. They died Jan. 29 in Wardak province, Afghanistan, of injuries sustained while supporting combat operations.

Killed were:

Capt. David J. Thompson, 39, of Hooker, Okla., who was assigned to the 3rd Battalion 3rd Special Forces Group, Fort Bragg, N.C.

Spc. Marc P. Decoteau, 19, of Waterville Valley, N.H., who was assigned to the 6th Psychological Operations Battalion (Airborne), 4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne), Fort Bragg, N.C.

Rest In Peace

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RIP Warriors


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RIP Warriors, Vaya con Dios..

02-02-2010, 13:19
Rest in peace, Brothers.

Here's the press release with links to their bios.

PRESS RELEASE: Two Soldiers killed in Afghanistan
FORT BRAGG, N.C. (USASOC News Service, Feb. 2, 2010) Two Army Special Operations Forces Soldiers died Jan. 29, as a result of injuries sustained during an incident in the Wardak province in Afghanistan.

The incident is under investigation.

Capt. David J. Thompson, 39, was a member of 3rd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne). His military record lists Hooker, Okla. as his home of record. Capt Thompson's bio.

Spc. Marc P. Decoteu, 19, was a member of 6th Psychological Operations Battalion (Airborne), 4th Psychological Group (Airborne). His military record lists Waterville Valley, N.H. as his home of record. Spc. Decoteu's bio unavailable at this time. Spc. Decoteu's bio.

Both Soldiers were based out of Fort Bragg, N.C.

For further information, media should contact the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Public Affairs Office during duty hours at 910-432-6005.

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Rest in Peace brothers. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. You will ALWAYS be remembered and NEVER forgotten.

molon labe

02-02-2010, 13:50
Rest In Peace.

Big Boss
02-02-2010, 13:56
May they both RIP

02-02-2010, 13:58
RIP Warriors.

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Rest in Peace

wet dog
02-02-2010, 14:07
Sleep well brothers, thank you for your service.


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RIP Warriors

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RIP, warriors.

Red Flag 1
02-02-2010, 15:11
Rest In Peace Warriors!!

Thank you for your service, and your sacrifice!!

02-02-2010, 15:13
Rest in peace, gentleman. Thank you for everything.

02-02-2010, 17:11
Rest in Peace, Brothers . . . . Rest in Peace. You and your families are in our prayers . . . .

02-02-2010, 17:21
Rest In Peace, and Thank You.

The Reaper
02-02-2010, 18:30
RIP, brothers.

Thank you for your service, and your sacrifice. You will not be forgotten.

I had met CPT Thompson in 3rd Group and his family attended our church. He is survived by a wife and two young daughters.

Prayers out.


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RIP Warriors.

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RIP Warriors

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Rest in Peace, Warriors.

02-03-2010, 01:37
Rest in Peace soldiers. Thank you for your service.


Goggles Pizano
02-03-2010, 09:48
In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen.
In pace requiescat CPT Thomspon and SPC Decoteau. Dominus vobiscum.
Sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in proelio, contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium. Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur: tuque, Princeps militiae coelestis, Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos, qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo, divina virtute, in infernum detrude. Amen.

02-03-2010, 10:37
RIP. Prayers out to all involved.

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Rest in Peace.

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02-08-2010, 23:16
Fallen Soldier Comes Home

February 8, 2010
Capt. David J. Thompson, who lived in Pinehurst, was killed in Afghanistan Jan. 29. His body arrived in Fayetteville Feb. 5 and was transported to Boles Funeral Home in Southern Pines. The procession wound its way through Aberdeen and then north on U.S. 1 before taking the Pennsylvania Avenue exit into Southern Pines. Included in the procession were motorcyclists representing the Rolling Patriots (Stras correction, Patriot Guard Riders)organization.