View Full Version : Men of honor, and then there is J.K. Idema, the Enema

07-23-2004, 18:59
Good Guys - Bad Guys

I think back about my troopers gone...Jim Thompson, Bill Edge, Charlie Telfar...an earlier era...Pat Sullivan, Fred Kirtchen, Cary Ward, Bill Crysel, and especially today, my SFTG buddy, Don Sain. These were superb humans. Then there is Jonathan Keith Idema, fecial coliform extradonaire.

Mark Atchison, the SP5IC

10-23-2011, 13:13
Just noticed this post. I was in SFQC when Idema came through the first time. He was a Jackass of the first magnitude. He was thrown out of the course and sent back to his reserve/NG unit, but "politic-ed" his way back in because his dad pulled some strings. I encountered him again in the '80s in Germany when I had the misfortune of evaluating the detachment he was on; he hadn't changed a bit, and his detachment had no 'love' for him. He is one of those usless POS that squirrel their way in where they don't belong, used SF for his personal exploits, and then caused negativity; I'm surprised that he didn't become a politician. Then his incidents in Afghanistan brought further discredit to our community. This individual is a POS and will always be a POS!

11-19-2011, 14:29
I too was in SFQC with Idema. I think we were in Ph3 together in '76. I do remember giving him a black eye. He burst into our room as I was headed towards the door. The door flies open, I instinctively throw up my hands and apparently caught him just right under the eyebrow. He ended up with a big black eye and I standing tall in front of 1SG Asa Ballards desk.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I do believe I got my promotion to SP4 right after that...