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01-03-2010, 20:47
I posted this in "Fins" because... well, on my trip I wore fins daily! I think we may need a "Scuba-Skin Diving" area.

At any rate, I spent Christmas vacation diving in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico. This is my report:

I stayed at "Las Lunas Inn" - a bed and breakfast in San Miguel ("downtown" Cozumel). It was very nice - located "in town" about a half mile north of "the plaza". The hosts are Texans, and very accomodating. (www.laslunas.com) They arranged the diving through their dive operation - Techs Mex Divers. They make arrangements with "Careyitos" Divers (www.advanceddivers.com) - which operate out of the north caleta in Cozumel.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. Careyitos had divers of all experience levels on the boat - and all left happy. If you dive frequently, you will know how difficult that is to accomplish. We had very experienced divers, relatively new divers, divers in training, and tech divers on rebreathers - on the same boat! All left satisfied! Bottom times were upwards of 75 minutes or more. Most excellent! They are a "slow boat" - do not always be deceived by the "fast boats"!

We dived the "usual suspects" at Cozumel - Santa Rosa, Colombia, Cedral, "Devil's Throat," "Chimney" and more. All in all - a great trip with a great dive operation. If you wish more details - ask.

01-03-2010, 21:02
Very cool ZD!

Will need to mark this down as a spot to go.

Last time I dove was a year ago in Nassau, Bahamas. Stayed at Sandals, all inclusive. Diving was great. Bottom times averaged around 60mins.

Do you have any pics from the bottom side of your trip?

Thank you for sharing.


01-04-2010, 07:54
Nice trip.

When I get to Cozumel, I like to spend some beach time at the Paradise Beach Club. It's run by a Canadian named Tom, who always takes good care of us.

Looking forward to seeing some of your dive pics.

01-08-2010, 11:14
Looking forward to seeing some of your dive pics.

Unfortunately, I took no underwater pics. Two reasons: 1) u/w photography (to me) is an awful lot like WORK, and 2) we flew Continental and with their baggage rules, I was trying to limit my "bag weight" and the camera crap was left out. (I am an u/w photo 'dinosaur' with a Nikonos II and Sea&Sea YS 50 flash.)

There was a diver there from Denver - actually, there were 5 divers there from Denver - who was taking pics and videos. He "promised" to email me some links when he got them posted. He should have some "great" turtle and nurse shark photos/videos.

Me... I just "lazy dived" - drifting with the current. Cruising the 'swim-throughs' is always a great thrill.

Next weekend... back to reality - Lake Pleasant, AZ!

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