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01-03-2010, 17:54
I'm looking for somebody from 9222, is enybody here? Thx

01-03-2010, 18:19
Try again...

Your initial post should have been an introduction in the appropriate place. You need to read the rules of the board and the stickies and comply before posting again.

The Reaper
01-04-2010, 00:13
Also, if you read the rules and stickies, you would know that we are not doing checks on units or people without a very good reason.


01-09-2010, 09:05
I didn"t read the rules, I will do it. My mistakes. I was just curious to see if I can find some guys from Ohio that I met in Zabul last year. Thanks again. The SF are my idols. I wish you all the best to everrybody who will read my message. Maca