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Blitzzz (RIP)
07-24-2009, 21:07
just PM me your E-mail address and I;ll get one out to you ASAP. if I'm on line it only takes a couple of minutes. Blitz

Blitzzz (RIP)
09-16-2009, 10:25
Addendum to Blitz movement speeds

The frequent question I receive is “How fast should I do the reps?
The answer is …As fast as you can move the weight. The basic speed of movement for Blitz exercising is around 400 degrees per second.

This is slightly different with each individual. It is the Neuromuscular connection of each individual.
Each persons reflex speeds.
So what you are looking for will be different for each exercise.

Examples are :
Knee extensions are a 90 degree (X 2 for full out and back) movement and will net you about 2.5 reps per second OR as high as 134 reps per minute. ( I have seen as much as 142 per min)
The Math for this exercise is; 400 degrees divided by 180 (degrees of the exercise complete movement)= # of reps by 1 second (2.2222) times 60 seconds = 133.3333 reps per minute.

Hamstring curl is 140 degrees and it’s math is:
400 divided by 280 degrees = (1.4285) x 60 seconds = 85.7142 reps per minute.

As you see the speed is the same but rep count is different for the different exercises based on excursion of the movement.

I hope this helps with planning. Notice the decimals need be rounded and usually here they can be rounded up next whole number.

Blitzzz (RIP)
10-05-2009, 14:20
Most of you know that their are thriid types of muscle fibers in each bundle.Two phasic and one tonic. all of these are prioritized from birth to present . Your brain calculates all of your movement in the line of gravity and is able to recruit the fibers needed to preform desired or required muscle contractions to acomplish given tasks
The fiber are prioritized primary secondary and tertiary. The primary and secondary work pretty much the same. the difference between lifting a styrofoam cup and a 5# bag of sugar is in the instantanous recruitment of the necessary fibers to accomplish the work. Thusly the primary and secondary get the bulk of what you do. The tertiarys will assist some but "quit" when the primaries quit. The only way to exercise the tertiary to strengthen is to "keep it engaged" when working it. Under normal and greater work loads the pprimary and secondary get stronger and fatigue with all other systems used. The tertiarys quit and are never worked to potential.
Blitzing is done with little enough weight to fatigue through reps, the primary and secondary, and allow the tertiarys to remain engaged, and thus strengthen the tertiarys like no other system.
Look at it like this., a third of all your muscle bundles is working at around a third of it's potential. Blitzing is the only way to get to and strengthen it.
I learned of tertiary prioritized fiber in PT school and have found very little references to to as such since. The fact that this systen strengthens so greatly over all other systems is a good indicator of their existance. Nothing else will give these strength gains. Blitzzz

Blitzzz (RIP)
12-16-2009, 13:55
New Blitz Instructions
Note: Set up and performance of the Blitz should be as exact as possible as outcome will be affected.
The Blitz is a fine tuned system to the individual, and strengthens muscle fibers not exercised by any other system. To reach these fibers, strict adherence to performance points must be maintained.
Muscle bundles have their greatest strength in the middle 60% of bulk and 40% at the ends. Blitzing will strengthen those ends.

Blitz phases

First Phase is the Set up.
Day one is the first phase and involves setting up your circuits.
Design a 6 to 8 exercise circuit. Do not include the same muscle group in two exercises of a circuit. ( this is critical).
AT the gym you will set up each exercise station and on each one, you will do three things.
1. Warm up with light weight.
2. Find you 1 RM. (the max weight you can lift only once).
3. Record that number.
4. Divide that number by 3 to determine you start weight for that exercise.
5. Set up that station with the start weight.
6. Have someone count reps for you and you need to push one minute at this station, at full speed, holding nothing back.
7. The person counting the reps needs to record the total reps/min and the First 15 seconds of reps.
8. Multiply the 15 Second rep count by 4 to find your “Goal Reps”.
9. Now record the “Start weight, and Goal Reps” on your work out sheet .
10. Do this for each exercise. Then run one circuit foe time/and familiarity.
11. That is it for Phase one…..go home.

Second Phase is the Endurance Phase.
This is the endurance phase and has no changes to Goal Reps and Start Weight.
There is no time line for this phase but normally about 2.5 weeks.
1. First day will be one circuit only.Do one circuit at full speed and then go home.
2. The follow few days will have you doing two circuits until you are close to Goal rep speeds in the first circuit and within 10 reps on the second circuit..
3. When that point is reached then increase to 3 circuits.
4. Do three circuits until you are doing all circuits at the Goal rep speeds. A special note here: The second circuit reps WILL be higher than the first and third. (AlWAYS).
5. AT this point you are ready to enter the third phase.

Third Phase is the strengthening phase.
It is only in this phase that you will begin increasing weights.
From this point on all weight increases are 20% of the existing weight.
1. When you are doing 3 circuits of an exercise at Goal reps you will raise the weight of that exercise by 20%. Example: 60# x .20 = 12# …so the new weight will be 72#..
2. Do each exercise as you reach goal reps.. Not all of the exercises will advance the same days. Increase weight only when that exercise ghoal is met.
3. When the new weight is met then the increase will be 20%. This number get bigger and bigger, but it works.
4. No one have taken this oout to the point of not being able to handle a 20% gain in 8 weeks, so if toy’re gaining and want to you can continue until 20% becomes too muc.