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Team Sergeant
11-16-2009, 11:40
This is just a heads up that Professional Soldiers.com has identified and has been tracking a Special Forces FRAUD for a few months that should "soon" make some media news.

When he's "busted" we will announce his name and rank and place him in here.

And yes, he's currently "serving" in the United States Army.

That is all.

Team Sergeant

Team Sergeant
12-30-2009, 10:50
We are still tracking this individual, or should I say North Carolina National Guard SGM.

This individual is a complete fraud and has managed to fool not only his National Guard Commander but he's fooled the many active duty soldiers.

He's been caught red handed, we have his picture and his name.

He got his picture taken wearing a Special Forces Combat patch and a Special Forces Tab, but, he didn't earn either.:rolleyes:

I wish to know why he's not currently in a military prison?

He was seen yesterday using the facilities at Ft Bragg......

Unless I receive a request "NOT" to post his name and photo it will be up very soon.

Team Sergeant

Team Sergeant
01-09-2010, 16:18
We are still tracking this Special Forces "fake" North Carolina, National Guard SGM.

He ain't getting away from us.

I have all his data, his name, his National Guard unit and a high resolution photo of this moron wearing Special Forces patches, Tabs etc.

I've been asked to "hold" on posting this fraud, liar and scumbag.

I will hold, for now.

Team Sergeant