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11-14-2009, 09:05
OK, I'm in the process of building my 1st EBR (c pic)

The BCG is Daniel Defense, w/MP test, and the rest of the upper is 100% YHM, including BUIS, w/14.5", chromed lined, 1/7 barrel.

Last week I grabbed a 10 pack of Pmags, $89 delivered. I am not hi-speed anything, but it seemed like a real good price.

The last couple days, I have started looking for some less-expensive practice ammo.

Found some Federal XM193AF, 5.56mm 55grain FMJ, 900rd pack, on Stripper Clips, $351 delivered ($0.39 each).

Anyway,, Pmags & Stripper-Clips??

I found out the the USGI loader will work,, and there is a LuLa-Stripper,, BUT,, The Canadian GI plastic Loader that comes with their C77, is a better loader..

Q: does anyone have any experience with the Canadian loader??
Q: and if they are better,, a source??

Q: is the usgi 7.62 guide the same as the 5.56 guide??

Q: read a little about XM223M1, 80 GRAIN & long throats,, any thoughts??


PS: If your thinking,, I would wally-world for ammo, but it's 130 miles away..

11-14-2009, 13:54
Sierra 80s will be too long for magazine feed. They are meant for the 600-yard prone slow-fire phase of the (known distance) National Match Course where the cartridges are fed into the weapon one-at-a-time through the ejection port.

You will need either a National Match or GI throat to safely chamber these cartridges.

11-14-2009, 14:06
I'm not familiar with the Canadian loader, but for stripper clips the one I LOVE is made right here in the South of the USA. Thermold in NC makes this one:


Its about half way down the page. I attached the pic to my post so you'd know what you are looking for.

In OBC everyone liked mine so much that we did a group buy of 30 or 40. They tear through the stripper clips much more easily than the old USGI ones. And they are lightweight and hard to break. I agree with the seller's description that they are rare and hard to find. We ordered ours from Cheaper than Dirt, but at the moment I cannot find any on their site, and deltaforce.com was the only other place Google found them. I just went and confirmed it will work with my PMags.

If for some reason this place sells out, I'll send you one of mine. I've got 4 or 5 around here somewhere.

ETA: After searching Thermold's site and realizing they call it a "Magazine Charger" rather than a speed loader, it was easier to find on Google...
They can be had here for 7 bucks: https://www.mainemilitary.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=171&idproduct=2560

Roguish Lawyer
11-14-2009, 20:56
Good thing you included that parenthetical -- otherwise I had you dead-to-rights on a false advertising claim. ;)

11-15-2009, 12:16
Early in my EBR education cycle, I had looked at the Lula Loader, has a good following, and everyone carries it..

I continued to look, because I wanted one for loose AND stripper clips..

While hunting for the deals on the Thermold Charger, and I stumbled across the:


Here is a short promo vid: www.*******.com/watch?v=oLCRJka3CN0

Looks like it would fit a flair, flash light, or tall pistol mag pouch..

Any opinions??

english kanigit
11-16-2009, 21:06
Any opinions??


I have one that I have been using off and on for two years now. I liked it so much I purchased one as a gift for a buddy. When I've been at a class I have to constantly remind myself to actually rotate through my magazines instead of just using the same 4-6 over and over again. The nifty thing about it is it works just as well with loose ammo as it does for rounds loaded on clips.

Physically it should fit in a 3-cell flashlight pouch or a double stack mag pouch. I can dig it out and do some checking if you like.

The two problems I have seen:

It doesn't get along well with lancer magazines. The bodies, or more precisely the area supporting the feed lips, tends to spread too easily. When attempting to charge the loading tool would typically pop off the body.

It is possible to induce a malfunction with this tool. This has happened to me at an EAG class in OK last year and again at a range session. It appears to be caused by the rounds being jammed into the mag too quickly. The first time this happened it was rounds 4-5, in the picture below it is 1-2. My understanding is a similar problem can be created by 'jam loading' magazines with stripper clips, a stripper clip guide and hip thrusting said mag, stripper and guide against the edge of a table.