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11-09-2009, 15:35
Went to an auction here locally and picked up a matched numbered Polish Mauser and a post WWII custom Mauser chambered for 6.5X57. Ive owned quite a few M93-95 7X57, but this is the first Ive owned a weapon chambered for this round.

Ive ordered a couple of boxes of ammo, but was wondering if anyone has fired this particular cartridge. Ive read the ballistics on this round, but would appreciate someones hands on opinion.

12-03-2009, 08:36
I used to have a Mauser 66 stutzen in 6.5 X 57, shot a number of Reh deer with it but I was not impressed enough to keep the gun. I shot nothing but RWS factory ammo and the accuracy was spotty. Could have been the cartridge or any one of several other things or combination thereof. It was as I said a model 66 (1st concern, weird bedding) fitted with a Zeiss 6X in claw mounts (2nd concern) scope was mounted high and to the rear for shooting from a seat (3rd concern) and finally the nut behind the buttplate has never screwed on comfortably behind the gun due to the high, rearward mounting of the scope...

FWIW, the 6.5 x 55 (Swedish) is a ballistically superior round and highly thought of in Europe as a target cartridge. The 6.5 X 57 was never more than a hunting round.


12-12-2009, 19:05
The 6.5X55 was influenced by the 6.5X57. It had its beginnings as a Military cartridge to be used in the Swedish 94, 96 and 38 Swedish Mausers (that were based on the German 93 Mausers).

The 6.5X57 is indeed a hunting cartridge and has been since its inception in 1893. Debate on which is the better cartridge is reminiscent of the discussions between .308 and .30-06. Its a matter of purpose and preference, and whether you want to punch holes in paper or bring home supper.

The 6.5X57 is ballistically similar to the 123gr 7X57, .257 Roberts or .260 Remington. Ive used mine on Groundhogs, Coyotes and Whitetail Deer. All with good results. This is in reference to the 123gr. 7X57.

Mine was made in post WWII Germany on a small ring Mauser.

12-17-2009, 11:29
Were I again the market for a European 6.5 I would go with the Swede. It has a number of advantages not the least of which is ammunition availability and cost both here AND in Europe.

Were I merely wanting a 6.5, I would go with the 260 Remington. If I thought I needed more power I would go with a larger bore diameter.

I am just now becoming quite enamored with a new 50-70, getting just over 1250fps with a 475gr grease-groove bullet on top of 5grs AA5744 and 65grs of 2F Black Powder...