View Full Version : Onslow Beach and New River Nov 4-6th

Habu-MFFI 175
11-07-2009, 11:34
My buddy Bobby from Raeford and I took off Wednesday and headed towards Camp Lejuene for a couple of days camping and fishing. We are both retired military (US Army) so we get a few extra benefits.

We stopped in at the Game Warden station and updated our Beach Permits and our Freeman Creek Boat passes. Then headed to Onslow Beach. Rented a camp site, divided up the fishing tackle. Everything for trout and such in the boat and everything for surf fishing in Bobby's truck.

Wednesday night we hit the surf....Beach was closed to driving due to troops training.... But we were able to fish down by the old Risley Fishing Pier. Moon was full and bright, didn't hardly need a light except to tie a hook.Bobby caught a small flounder and a couple of sea mullet. I finally caught a decent Grey Trout...(right side of pier). Shortly after that it was skate, skate and skate again... We called it shortly after that.

Thursday morning we hit New River. Looked long and hard and couldn't but a trout or anything else. We hit several creeks. Water temps were early at 59 and later when we left at 62 degrees. But still a nice day on the water and we found a new spot or 2 for later reference.

Thursday night back at the beach. First hit I caught a sand shark. Continued to fish and Bobby hit some sea mullet. I caught another grey tout. Nothing else but skate, skate and more skates. We finally called it a night. They had closed the area off down by the pier and we had to fish closer to the campsite.

Friday morning layed around the campsite and hit the water later. Last year they put in a new boat ramp just across from the camping area. That was a big suprise and thanks for the ramp. We headed up the ICW and fished the 2nd creek off to the right. Fished way up with not hits. Got to the very end and a school of about 20 red drum about 15-18 inches. They didn't want to play...

Pulled out and headed to Browns Inlet. There were seveal boats sitting on the right going in so we eased thru and looked at the boats stacked up farther down. Saw lots of birds working..figured blues.

Then all of a sudden pandamonium .......bait flying and fish busting all around the boat. I shut it down and hollered to Bobby grab and rod and throw. All we had were trout rods and first cast ....GAme On...something hit and hauled buggy like a freigth train. Not sure even what we were after yet.....All I could see was a forked tail when it would fly by the boat. Finally about 5 minutes later I got it to the boat and then into the boat. Nice Albie.....they were up and 2 minutes later gone. Glass minnows by the thousands were everywhere.

ScottieJ..saw you guys out at the inlet. Hope you got into some of the fast action of the Albies and maybe the blues. Saw yall casting at em anyway. Nice meeting you and hope to share some water with you again.


11-08-2009, 18:50
Onslow is one of life's good secrets. Sounds like you had a blast.

Habu-MFFI 175
11-08-2009, 20:58
Definately a great place to relax and hit the beach, 4X4 on the beach at times and fish the ICW or some of the near inlets.:D


11-10-2009, 19:50
Those look like what we call Bonito out here on the Left Coast...Glad you had Trout rods! They are a lot more exciting on light tackle. I use a steelhead rod with a small bass reel on them. Glad you had some fun!!