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Please contact me by e-mail or phone if you are a candidate assigned to Det 2. I want to find out what to expect and possibly receive a few pointers.

I'm planning on split training with the unit in December to see where I stack up with the other SF hopefuls. I have already spoken to the commander of the unit and received his blessing. I also know the events I will be graded on: APFT, 12 mile ruck march, and 6 mile run. Thanks

Call and ask what you need to bring. Other than that show up ready for anything. Part of SF is being ready for the unexpected.

Here's a few pointers - don't quit, try your hardest, be smart, don't complain, take all tasks seriously. Don't base yourself off other NQP's. There may be no one that is ready to attempt SFAS or SFQC. The unit will not send you if you're not ready.

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Here are a few links you should read.



As TR would say - Read more, post less..

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The Reaper
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I've already read those posts but thanks for the info. I believe I have been following the recommendation of reading more and posting less. I have been reading the posts in this website for over two years.

I have called the unit several times and I have also spoken to the commander, SFC KW, and a couple full-timers. I know what to bring and the required tasks.

Then why the question?


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Good afternoon sir,

I don't have a specific question, I just wanted to speak to someone involved with the unit's NQP program. I wanted to hear what a recent drill is like from someone other than SF personnel. Thanks

Sounds to me like you're looking for someone to hold your hand and maybe give you a hug if you really need it. :rolleyes:

Just show up and do what you are told.

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...I'm just trying to find all the information I can. It is the same reason I'm reading "Chosen Soldier", "Get Selected", etc. I like to learn as much as I can about a subject/ task before I dive in.

A want to know doesnt equate the need to know.

If you have read as much here as you say you would know we consider questions along these lines to be G2-ing the course and it isnt looked upon favorably - nor is trying to one-up QP's here...

You have been given ALL the info you need to be successful. If you needed to know more it would have been put out to you.

Go do PT.


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Negative, I'm not gay and I do not need anyone to hold my hand or give me a hug. I already have a wife and a 9 month old son for that. :)

I love the comments on this board (I'm not being sarcastic). Everyone is blunt and to the point, exactly like myself. Are most SF personnel like this? My cousin's husband is not but I guess he hasn't been in SF for very long (less than 4 years).

I'm just trying to find all the information I can. It is the same reason I'm reading "Chosen Soldier", "Get Selected", etc. I like to learn as much as I can about a subject/ task before I dive in.

The fact that you have a wife an son are irrelevent. That does not mean that you are mature enough for SF, or someone that would make a good teammate. Not that it is germain to the topic of this thread...but it doesn't mean that you're not gay either.;)

Based upon what I'm reading in this thread, the indicators of your successful career in SF are not trending positive.

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Sounds to me as if he's looking for you 20th Group guys to let him into your 'frat files' before he's pledged the fraternity. :confused:

e così va…;)

Richard's ₤.02 :munchin

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ambull01 your SA could use a lot of tuning. It's hard to believe that someone could read this board for 2 years and not gain an utter wealth of knowledge.

It's even harder to believe someone could read this board for 2 years and post what you've posted and not know when to stop digging the hole deeper.

FYI... I've known the two you 'named-dropped' for many years.