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10-24-2009, 15:23
Hi all, I have used the search button extensively, and couldnt find specifics. Here is my situation. I have Tinnitus and high frequency hearing loss from a couple of deployments with regular Army. I recently got selected and will attend the "Q" soon. I passed my SFAS physical for hearing. (luckly for me my ears werent ringing at the time) Since then the ringing came back. I took another hearing test. I compared the scores with AR 40-501, as well as the recruiter QC checklist for the SFAS Physical. I am at the very limit in the high freq categories. ie 55@4000 and 55@6000. So I am still within the limit. Now my medpros says I am amber in the hearing category saying the profile is not done. I have been told that there are waivers if needed, however according to regulation and the recruiter checklist I shouldnt need one. As I read it, waivers are left to the specific component. So basically what I am asking is if this is going to be a issue? Are there waivers? Has anyone here had a hearing waiver already? I imagine it would be almost common due to the IEDs and gunfire experienced in combat over time. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

10-24-2009, 15:52

Seriously Im sure since you used the search feature that you saw we were talking about this here, with the last post being...........Today????


I'm sure that you would be able to get a waiver................

But of course you could by all means though raise your hand at every opportunity to tank yourself in the Q Course............

The Reaper
10-24-2009, 15:56
More reading and searching, less posting.