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Team Sergeant
10-15-2009, 10:31
You are a fraud.

You never went to the Special Forces Qualification Course. We checked the records 82-83, NO Paul Sevy.

or is that "reverend" "pastor" paul sevy.......

I have your "private message" to me stating you were a "long tab", you are nothing but a liar.

Team Sergeant

Team Sergeant
10-18-2009, 10:53
In all actuallity, I was a super 92 (18C)
However, when I opened my hotmail accout some years back, 18C was not available.

Ronin happens too be a political statement of mine, I do not wish too make any statement, it is just easier for me too track my user name, since I do not use this type of forum often.
That account is Ronin18B@hotmail.com

Yes gentelman, I realize this is an SF group.
This is the reason I was looking too join, not so much too chat, but I am looking for some old friends.

It has been well over twenty years since I was in service.
I do think that many of you will understand that we sometimes lose track of "buddies" and maybe others here may remember why that is.

Name change?

Not here for a pissin contest, I was not an operator (In Theater), I did cadre at Benning over at camp Darbey until I ets'ed, and did spend quite a bit of time at the demo ranges as cadre as well.

I was in the "Peace Time" Army under Carter and Reagan.
Missed out on the "Grenade' thing, and Panama.

I got recalled for Storm, but I had a hardship, as I was a single parent with 2 sons.

Sorry, I do not want any troubles, I am just looking for a few old buddies.


Team Sergeant
10-26-2009, 16:23
Hey RevPaul, paul sevy, I've yet to see your apology anywhere.

You still a moderator on Kev's website? You still telling folks you were a "Green Beret"?

Team Sergeant

Team Sergeant
11-05-2009, 12:25
I have not forgotten you reverend Paul Sevy, and you have not done what I asked you to do. You are a fraud and a liar and now the world will now see your messages to me.

Off Grid
How is life treating you?
I've been off grid for the last several years.
I have not seen anything about the Americas Survival site in quite a long time.
What happened to them?
I have been working in the Utah area for the last few years.
My friend Maj Jarvis is the Battalion S-2 at Dug Way Proving grounds, but he has been deployed on several
TD Y's over the last 8 months, so intel has been spotty.
I actually have been trying to stay out of the loop.
I have been busy with the American Legion, I was recently voted in Sgt at Arms Post 142 Dist 7 St. George, Ut.
I am also a Super Moderator at SurvivalistBoards.com
But I have not been able to spend the time there that I would like.

I was not looking for anything from you, just dropping a hello and hope that all is well with you and yours.
Paul Sevy

I thought you used to moderate that site.
It has been a few years since I was there, and can't find it anymore.
Seems it was shut down or?
My mistake
There were quite a few different characters there
I was just one of them.

Your site was mentioned on ours by a current SF, and he called done another member.
I posted your site info, and you as someone to contact if they had any questions if needed to bonify a member,
in the Moderators section only.
That way you are publicly bombarded by every yahoo out there.
We only have 8-9 Mods active, but the site owner would probably be the person of contact.
User name of KEV

Not trying to volunteer you, I just thought you were someone I dealt with in the past.

Strange, you posted this :

Originally Posted by Ronin18B
In all actuallity, I was a super 92 (18C)

However, when I opened my hotmail accout some years back, 18C was not available.

Ronin happens too be a political statement of mine, I do not wish too make any statement, it is just easier for me too track my user name, since I do not use this type of forum often.

"Funny you sure post here all the time...........

Dear friends,

A highly valued member (RONIN18B) of a group I manage posted this information at the other site, but I thought it important enough to share with the members of this and every other group I belong to.

After the recent loss of a husband and father in Oregon, along with the three mountain climbers who are now surely dead on Mount Hood, I believe we could all use the information contained in the following publications.

If anyone here would like to add something, please feel free to do so. There can never be too much survival information to absorb.

RONIN18B is a former U.S. Army Ranger and Special Forces Survival Instructor. He is a highly valued member of my group, and I thank him for passing this along.

One question; are you a Q-Course graduate? There's no gray area a yes or no will do.

Team Sergeant "

To answer your previous question, yes I have a long tab.

Re: Off Grid
Lot is an example of a true Christian, who appears to know far more than he lives up to; he can see and understand far more than he practices.

Such people are thrilled to hear good, sound preaching. They believe in the doctrines of God, and yet they are constantly doing things that disappoint others around them. They believe in the Kingdom of God, and even seem to yearn for it. They hate Satan, believe in the Lake of Fire, yet it seems as if they do things to tempt Satan into testing them, putting the screws to them. They believe that time is short, but they act as though they wish it were long. They know that holiness is a beautiful thing—they like to read about it in books and love to see it in others—but they have the notion that it is impossible for them to be that holy and spiritual.

Lot represents those who dread personal sacrifice and shrink from self-denial. They have a horror of being considered narrow-minded, and so they tend to go to the opposite extreme, becoming so tolerant that they try to please everybody. They forget that they should first please God. These people are trying to keep up with the world. They are ingenious at discovering reasons for not separating from it, giving themselves all kinds of justifications for attending questionable amusements; wild, violent, perverted movies; or holding on to questionable relationships. They persuade themselves that it does good to mix a little with the world.

They cannot find it in themselves to do battle with their besetting sin, whether it be laziness, a bad temper, pride, excessive self-concern, vanity, or impatience. They allow it to remain in their mind, justifying it by thinking, "Well, that's just the way I am. My daddy before me was the same way, and that's the way mama was, and I guess that's the way I'll always be." They are lingering while the world is beginning to burn. These people are not really happy, for they know too much and are conscience-stricken. They are not really committed and they know it.

I find myself very much like Lot.

Your words are accurate, but not harsh enough to describe how I have dishonored you and myself.
I do apologize to you, and ask of you what can I do to make amends for my deceptions ?

in earnest
Some years ago, while a member of another site "Americas Survival" I posted regularly in the skills section about needed survival related topics,
such as water purification, food gathering, shelter constructions from expedient sources, chemicals like potassium Iodide and Iodate for radioactive exposures, and other misc. items.
In one of the postings, for which I do not recall the specifics, I had mentioned that I had worked at camp Darby at fort Benning for a time.
I am not Ranger qualified, but an assumption was made, which I did not rebuke in that particular instance.
Hence the comment that was posted on your boards by one of your members that I was a Ranger and an SF survival instructor.
I was embarrassed to admit otherwise and chose poorly to ignore this error for so long.
The feeling of acceptance was overwhelming, unjustly as it was, but I found myself between a rock and a hard place.
The lie by my omission had grown beyond my ability to reverse or so I thought at the time.
Many of the members from Americas Survival had joined Survivalist Boards and recognized me from the previous board.
I did not want to disappoint those members, nor did I want them to leave the new site because of my poor choices that may reflect apon
the owner of the site.
I found it much less distasteful to allow the lie to foster, then to risk a controversy.
This part was more a self preservation then a benign gesture, but I think this is how I was able to justify my actions.

While looking for an old friend, I was searching the "Professional Soldiers" site, trying to find John Hearst from the 5th group.
My hotmail user name ronin18b threw a red flag up, and my request was ignored over my message.
I was challenged and this is where I actually lied, not an omission at all, but an out and out lie in the hopes the challenge would go away and someone would deliver a message to John and let him know I was looking for him.
To no avail, The challenge became stronger and I ignored the site for two years.

I did find out that John had died in Mexico from a bleeding ulcer about a year after that posting, and he was cremated there and not buried in Arlington as was his honor.

As a Moderator on Survivalist Boards, a posting came to my attention about another member, I remembered the "Professional Soldiers" site, and sought to reach out to see if they would be willing to be available in the future for questions and or potential aid to the owner of the site.
For the right reasons, I chose to contact, but once again I was under the gun, and I chose to lie once again.

These are my faults and personal demons that I did not want to involve others in, but my lies have involved others and hurt many.
I do apologize for this, I do realize an apology is far to little for my deceit.

I will drop off the net, modify my user info to reflect my non service in SF, resign my account at survivalist boards.

I do not know how to "Fix" it.
I am asking in earnest what I can do or what would you like for me to do?

I have contacted Kev, the site owner and sent a copy of this note for his consideration.
He has not replied as of yet.
I am ashamed that I have put him in this situation.
I do not want to harm his site, but if he agrees to me posting such a rebuttal, I will.
I will forward to you his correspondence to the same.
Again sir, I do apologize.
A wrong is still a wrong no matter the intentions.
I have already modified my profile there which is a partial amendment, but not an atonement.

I have still not heard from Kev yet.
No reply at all from him.
My assumption is he is a bit more then livid.
I am not ignoring this, But I will post nothing there unless he tells me too.
I did modify my profile, and he did rescind my mod status.
I no longer have access as I did.
As soon as he reply's, I will advise.

11-05-2009, 14:16

Aren't you afraid your going to be punished by GOD for outing Reverend Paul? :rolleyes:

Big Teddy :munchin

11-06-2009, 10:06

Aren't you afraid your going to be punished by GOD for outing Reverend Paul? :rolleyes:

Big Teddy :munchin

A Team Sergeant is GOD....:D:rolleyes:

11-06-2009, 11:21
A Team Sergeant is GOD....:D:rolleyes:

Your absolutely right,what was I thinking ................:eek:

Big Teddy :munchin

11-06-2009, 13:24
A Team Sergeant is GOD....:D:rolleyes:

Not THE God, A god. . . :D