View Full Version : Rear Det POC for 2/20th and Spt Co, 2/20th

10-14-2009, 00:10
Until the the guys redeploy, the POC # for 2-20th HHC and SPT Co is 601-313-6789.

PM Foots and he will take and answer all pertinent questions with an obvious (and required) level of scrutiny. His unit is in need of some candidates who are wanting to step up to the plate.

homepage link:

Feel free to post this info as needed.

Once the guys are here again, Foots will then put out a new phone roster.

10-29-2009, 13:07
This link appears dead. I tried it three times. I get "Bad Request" text and nothing else.

The Reaper
10-29-2009, 13:15
The link is the abbreviated version.

18C4V, please post the full link when you get the opportunity.


10-29-2009, 13:27
2/20 POC (http://www.ngms.state.ms.us/66tc/2_20sfg/Pages/SFUnitsContacts.aspx):D