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10-12-2009, 12:47
Anyone have experience Surf Fishing near Wilmington NC. I found some info on the Net. looking for a good location with easy access.

Habu-MFFI 175
10-12-2009, 17:24
Head down towards the Ft Fisher area. Go past the Ft Fisher Air Force Recreation Area. Continue down until you see a parking lot on the right for beach access. Park there and go across the road between the condos..follow signs. Fish from the surf there. You will have rock and such in the surf zone but its some good surf fishing.

If you have a 4X4 vehicle you can get a beach pass to drive the beach at FT Fisher down by the Aquarium area.

Check out the FF military recreation area. One of the lost places...:)


10-12-2009, 17:29
Fort Fisher was mentioned on one of the Internet sights. But not in the detail you gave, thanks. Ill Recon it tomorrow

Habu-MFFI 175
10-12-2009, 17:35
Check out the rental unit on base. We just stayed for 5 days and had a blast. Everything is provided in the houses ie. pots, pans, towels, sheets, pillows, and dishes for 8 people. Just bring what you will eat and drink. Also a washer and dryer are provided.

They have a boat ramp and a small fishing pier that goes into the Cape Fear River....doesn't cost military anything to use. Good place to catch live bait with a cast net. Finger mullet, menhaden and shrimp are usually caught there for bait. I've seen some nice flounder come from near the pier.

I usually go here 2-4 times a year. My brother is retired US Navy and he and I share the rental and grocery bill. The wives and kids have a ball. Bring there bikes. Lots of area to ride em.

10-12-2009, 17:53
Definitely checking it out. Only 30 minutes from where I am living now. It's great not to be living in the City anymore. It was an interesting experience but ill take Wilmington over DC any day.

10-13-2009, 06:35
also the north end of the island. Requires 4x4, but it's a good spot.

10-13-2009, 07:50
I saw that on the net. They charge around $10 for a day pass to drive on the beach. Unfortunately my Truck is only a 2x. Maybe buy a couple of Qaudes with a trailer.
When I was walking around yesterday I tried to walk out on one pier. They wanted three dollars just to walk out on it. $8 per Rod if you wanted to fish.
NC Public beaches kind of piss me off that way. The bill board leading into one Beach is a 10'x10' board filled with rules. All you can do is pretty much sit there, no fires, no Grills, no surf fishing, no Dogs, No digging holes more then two feet, Surf only in designated areas, No Alcohol, No Glass.....No having Fun:D
Have to hit the remote areas you guys mentioned above. When I visited my brother in Florida. The Beaches were wide open. First come first serve, Fish, Surf, Grill, do whatever you want.