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10-08-2009, 14:58
Well the old Bird Flu has hit home. My Son came down with it a week ago and was diagnosed by my Doc as the H1N1 "Avian Flue" For a while there it was touch and go. But thank the Lord that me or my wife have come down with it yet. Does this mean that if we both haven't caught it yet that we must have some immunity? My Doc says no way.

03-19-2010, 01:37
"Incubation period" can be up to 1 week from what I understand. H1N1 shouldn't give you too much trouble. My Dad caught it a while back and just stayed at home for a weekend. Boredom was his main nemesis. Then, everyone reacts differently.

Usually the diagnosis is simply Type A Influenza and they just PRESUME it is H1N1 and slap you on Tamiflu. At least, that is what they do in my area.