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10-06-2009, 10:09
A/5/19th is having their tryouts at two separate locations on 21 Nov 09. One location will be in the Bay Area and the other in Southern California. This is only open to male servicemen or male civilians.

If you are not currently in any branch of service, you will be required to
sign a waiver prior to conducting any training at the SFRE.

Unifrom for the first formation is in PT's.
Army Physical Fitness Uniform if you have one, civilian running gear if you
are coming from another service.
Leave your two sets of uniforms and boots, your ruck and your paperwork in
your vehicle.

The first event starts immediately after formation; do not be late to the
formation; if you are not present in formation at 0600, you will not be
participating in the SFRE that day. The next one is in six months.

The first event is the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT).
You must score 80 points in each category for your age group.

The second event is a 50 meter swim test in uniform and boots.
Any stroke is authorized, there is no time limit, you must complete 50 meters
without touching the side or bottom of the pool.

The third event is a ruck march, (in a dry uniform and boots) with a 55lb
pack. Dry weight, before you add your water. You will not be required to
carry an LBV.
A Camelbak or similar hydration system is highly recommended, as it will save
you time and effort throughout the road march compared to carrying canteens
in an LBV.

If you do not have a ruck, MOLLE, ALICE Pack or other at all, one can be
provided if you coordinate with us prior to the date of the event.
(You'll be better off using the one you have been training with).

The course will be marked, the distance will not be given. You must maintain
a sub-15 minute/mile pace to meet the standard.
There will be several points with water available.

If you are successful with all three events, we will start the process to
enlist/transfer you into the company to attend SFAS/SFQC.

If serious about attending, send me a PM for specific information.

Tom Viktor
11-17-2009, 18:46
I'm considering attending the SFRE this month and had a question regarding the enlistment process. What would the contractual obligation be for a person enlisting with 8 years prior service navy who passes the SFRE? As of two years ago, I was told one year initial contract in the NQP program and then three years upon completion of SFAS. Is this information still correct? or does the candidate has to enlist in the National Guard under a three year contract?

Thank you,
Tom Viktor