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Habu-MFFI 175
09-27-2009, 20:40
My son Bryan and me hit Topsail Island and onto the Jolly Roger pier for some spot action. We
hit it on Friday afternoon and fished till a big rain/thunder and lightning storm came thru. Went
back to the house where we were staying and cooked supper.

Right after the rains quit and the skies lightened upsome we hit the pier again. Somewhere
around 9PM. We fished until about 3 AM.

There was a lot of spanish caught but most were to small. But like I said a lot of em. Blues were
as thick as I've seen in a while. Big schools would come up the surf zones just gorging
on glass minnows. The would hit anything. Guys casting Diamond Jigs were catching em
3-4 at a time. It was a blast to toss a Gottcha plug in the feeding binge and see a wad of em chasing
1 or 2 on a Gottcha plug back to the pier.

The action was steady all day. It didn't matter if you were at the surf end of the pier or the far
end. Same goes with the sides. Maybe a few more caught on the left side, but a lot of spots
were caught on the right side also.

We fished for a while and then I went back to the truck to get the overflow cooler.

We ended up with 150 spots, 5 blues, 1 grey trout, 2 sea mullet and 1 croaker.

We were going to fish Saturday. I am sure glad it blowed up a storm and stayed all day.
Don't know if I could have stood to dress out another 100 or so spots.


09-27-2009, 22:24
Another tough day of being Dad!:D congrats