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09-20-2009, 14:32
Yeah OK that's a lousy segway... :D

However after hearing a great quote that 80% of overtraining is caused by bad diet I am looking at where I can improve my own diet.....and I came across this really interesting quote...

Excerpt from interview with Dr. Dwight Lundell by nutritionist Jonny Bowden (Dr. Lundell was named one of the Top 10 Doctors in America and is a Kona Ironman at 65yrs of age!)

We physicians with all our training, knowledge and authority often acquire a rather large ego that tends to make it difficult to admit we are wrong. So, here it is. I freely admit to being wrong. As a heart surgeon with 25 years experience, having performed over 5,000 open-heart surgeries, today is my day to right the wrong with medical and scientific fact.

.....we opinion makers insisted heart disease resulted from the simple fact of elevated blood cholesterol. These recommendations are no longer scientifically or morally defensible. The discovery a few years ago that inflammation in the artery wall is the real cause of heart disease is slowly leading to a paradigm shift in how heart disease and other chronic ailments will be treated.

What are the biggest culprits of chronic inflammation? Quite simply, they are the overload of simple, highly processed carbohydrates (sugar, flour and all the products made from them) and the excess consumption of omega-6 vegetable oils like soybean, corn and sunflower that are found in many processed foods."

09-20-2009, 14:47
Robb wolf has a great website full of info but its geared toward crossfit. This is a good place to start

10-25-2009, 16:04

Couple articles relating to nutrition. Thought you may be interested, although its not relating to chronic inflammation. Applications to recovery are certainly present.

See Attachments:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Athletes - Dr. Michael Yessis
Nutrient Timing for Tactical Performance (Tactical Strength and Conditioning Report October 2009) - Travis Harvey Phd, CSCS


10-25-2009, 16:13
Thanks M

Will read