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Ken Triplett, 54, you're an idiot....... and now you've earned a special place on our website for falsely using our title and reputation. You are a pathetic liar and fraud.

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Neighbors worry East Mesa flag display will lead to violenceBy Ashley Meeks Sun-News reporter
Posted: 09/10/2009 12:00:00 AM MDT

Military veteran Victor Chavez, 63, walks in protest Wednesday... (Sun-News photo by Norm Dettlaff)

LAS CRUCES - East Mesa residents said Wednesday they are concerned about the potential for a neighbor's political demonstration to turn violent.

Ken Triplett, 54, has displayed an upside-down American flag, which symbolizes distress, beneath a four-swastika-adorned Nazi flag called the "Fuhrer Flag" since the Labor Day weekend.

Las Cruces Police visited Triplett's residence Monday evening after two upset neighbors showed up outside to see his flag display.

Triplett, who was mowing his lawn, "obtained a very large long rifle with a scope on it and carried it around his front yard as if to flaunt it" but did not point it at anyone, according to the police report. After officers arrived on scene, three unnamed neighbors arrived, telling police that Triplett "said that he was heavily armed and that if he had to, he would strap bombs to himself and go to Washington, D.C. to take care of the government," according to police reports.

Sgt. Kiri Daines, who responded to the weapon call, said police continue to pay attention to the situation on Reynolds Drive but that Triplett isn't considered a suspect in any crime.

"We're aware of the situation, but right now, he's just exercising his First Amendment rights," Daines said, "as long as he doesn't take action or take a significant step toward that action."

Reached via cell phone Wednesday, Triplett said his protest was against unjust wars and a government that failed to take adequate care of the elderly and homeless while bailing out banks and outsourcing jobs. And if his neighbors didn't recognize that, they're "sheep," he said.
"I have nothing against this country. I'm not racist or communist," said Triplett, who said that he served in the Army from 2003-2006 as a Special Forces sergeant and that he planned to leave the country and give up his citizenship. While he said he "loves" the flag, he also spoke favorably of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, saying the government "should have given him a Congressional Medal of Honor. In my opinion, he didnÍt do enough."

As for his display, Triplett said his flags don't represent Adolf Hitler, but what he believes is communism: "I'm flying them until one of the politicians comes and talks to me. Any of them."

He added, "Eventually, I'll take the flag down, but I want to make a point."

Area veterans hope Triplett will remove the flags soon.

"We're doing everything we can to get that taken down," said neighbor Greg Baker, 32, who served in the Marine Corps' 3rd Infantry Battalion from 1996 to 2000.

Baker and his father-in-law reported seeing Triplett with the gun on Monday and called Triplett's remarks about strapping bombs to himself, reported by his neighbors, "a terroristic threat."

"I am very concerned with the possibility of violence. Not only that, I'm very concerned about the Jewish people, the Jewish community in this town, because that is a slap in the face they don't need," Baker said. "He can run a Rebel Cross up there for all I care, but (flying the U.S. flag) upside down and below something else, that's what irritates me to no end."

Chaparral resident John Baird, 38, a 20-year Army veteran who worked as a Patriot missile operator and served in the first Gulf War, said he worried about the threat Triplett posed to his neighbors if the situation continued.

"That entire neighborhood is littered with veterans and if he has that much animosity built up ... I feel like he's a threat,î Baird said. "Never doubt a barking dog. It's going to bite - and this dog's barking."

Navy veteran Donnie Brainard, 41, who served in the Navy from 1987 to1993, with two years on the U.S.S. Ranger aircraft carrier, said he was "disgusted" by Triplett's flags and comments."As a veteran, I feel immensely proud of my country and what it's done to me, and God, to fly the flag with the swastika is grotesque," Brainard said. "It actually sounds like this guy's kind of dangerous."

Viktoria Szolnoki, 32, Brainard's girlfriend, said Triplett's political ideas seemed more "mistaken." Szolnoki, a native of Zalaegerszeg, Hungary, who left in 1999, grew up under a communist system that she said reformed after the 1970s.

"The swastika is definitely not a sign of communism. The sign of communism is a sickle and hammer, if you remember the old Soviet flag," Szolnoki said. "In communism, actually, the elderly were very well taken care of in Hungary. The health care was always free. You got free spa tickets and you could stay at the hospital by the hot springs if you had arthritis, and children's education was excellent."

The situation sparked an additional protest Wednesday.

Victor Chavez, 63, a neighbor and disabled Army and Navy veteran, wheeled his walker and carried two American flags up and down the sidewalk outside Triplett's residence for hours.

"I really am ashamed of what's going on here," said Chavez, who was injured after being hit on guard duty while serving in Korea and said it was hard to believe that a fellow veteran would make such a display. "I think that's probably the biggest insult (Triplett) could give us (veterans). If he's going to protest, I think we should protest, too."

Chavez said it was "hard to believe" a fellow veteran would make such a display, but added, referring to Timothy McVeigh, who served during the Gulf War and aspired to join Army Special Forces, "that guy who blew up (the federal building in) Oklahoma (City), he served in Iraq, too."

Victor Mu-oz, 45, a neighbor who worked anti-tank assault in the Marines from 1984 to 1987, said he was worried about where the situation on Reynolds Drive might end, especially as a father of small children.

"If you have some dissent with the government, there are certainly other ways of going about it without disgracing the flag," Mu-oz said. "I'm concerned about the safety of the neighborhood because if you get some real radical chain concerned about that swastika ... I've got to worry about someone retaliating. I don't want to see any trouble."

Ashley Meeks can be reached at ameeks@lcsun-news.com; (575) 541-5462.


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Thank you Ashley Meeks for taking the time to do the research..... TS

Las Cruces man takes down Nazi flagBy Ashley Meeks Sun-News reporter
Posted: 09/12/2009 12:57:18 AM MDT

LAS CRUCES - The upside-down American flag and a Nazi flag flying above it outside an East Mesa home disappeared Friday after a visit from federal authorities, neighbors' protests and days of community outrage.

In addition, claims made by Ken Triplett, who flew the flags, to the Sun-News about his military service have been denied by two U.S. Army Special Forces Command spokesmen.
The flags were gone when 63-year-old Victor Chavez checked at 2:30 p.m. Friday, he said. The neighbor and disabled Army and Navy veteran, who wheeled his walker in front of Triplett's house on the East Mesa for five hours Wednesday in protest, said despite his aches, he feels "wonderful."

"I'm glad he (Triplett) came to his senses," Chavez said.

A message seeking comment left for Triplett at his business, New Mexico Roof Coating Co., was not immediately returned.

Triplett, 54, told the Sun-News he'd seen combat from 2003-2006 as a Special Forces sergeant, but there's "nothing that we can link that individual to our organization," said U.S. Army Special Forces Command Public Affairs Officer Maj. Emanuel Ortiz Cruz.
"There's nothing that can prove that he went through the Special Forces course or assignation," said Ortiz Cruz, who could not find Triplett's name in his databases. "We can not confirm that he was part of Special Forces. We don't have any record indicating that."

A check of academy records failed to find Triplett either, said Ben Abel, spokesman for the JFK Special Warfare

Center and School in Fort Bragg, N.C. There are about 5,000 Special Forces members out of about 1 million Army members, Abel said.
"We do not have that name in our database," Abel said, adding that with the time Special Forces training takes and Triplett's age, "it's not adding up to sound right."

While Triplett had said he'd take his flags down after an audience with a politician, Chavez said Triplett got a visit from FBI and Las Cruces police on Wednesday instead.

"People were worried. Some of the neighbors there were worried that there was going to be some violence," Chavez said.

LCPD spokesman Dan Trujillo confirmed police assisted another agency for about two hours on Wednesday evening, but would not confirm or deny LCPD was assisting the FBI investigate rumors of a bomb threat. FBI spokesman Steve Marshall said the bureau couldn't confirm or deny pending investigations.

"I was a little worried myself. I don't want to get shot again," said Chavez, who was wounded in Korea. "But I thought, I've been shot before. If it happens, it happens. I'm going to make my point and if he's stupid enough to do something like that, at least it ends there."

Luckily, that's not how the story ended. Chavez said Friday he was flying the American flag he carried in front of Triplett's Reynolds Drive house Wednesday, but in memory of Sept. 11 this time.

"He has some legitimate gripes. We all do. Gee whiz, I wish things would be different, too. But there's ways to change it and that's not the way, obviously. And I hope he learned something from it," Chavez said. "The guy doesn't realize how good he's got it, I guess."

Ashley Meeks can be reached at ameeks@lcsun-news.com; (575) 541-5462.


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I wonder if they made him take his SF license plate off the front of his vehicle? :rolleyes: :D

Richard's $.02 :munchin

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Waiting for the "Well! I'm too Secret for them to know about" claim.

"I was so secret they didn't know I went through the course."

"I was so secret that my records are sealed and those guys at Ft Bragg don't have the clearance to access to them."

"I was so secret........"

If a guy claims SF status and then "I'm so secret...." he's so full of crap.

09-12-2009, 11:57
Waiting for the "Well! I'm too Secret for them to know about" claim..
I went through the Q course with a guy who wore Infantry brass and then at the end he re-pinned himself with his BattleStar Galactica insignia. Of course, he augured in on the infil (calling for a medic on the way down) and never graduated. He was the first and only super-secret squirrel I ever met:rolleyes:
All of us 11's just sort of laughed it off. (A few years before the Branch)

09-12-2009, 12:24
Everybody is on the class roster.

As one student to another where they came from and where they are going is their business.

But field files, orders, etc are available to the staff and everybody is accounted for on the class roster.

09-12-2009, 12:30
Are there any SF guys that live around his area that could drop by and have a TALK with this guy? :mad:

Big Teddy :munchin

Team Sergeant
09-12-2009, 12:34
Everybody is on the class roster.

As one student to another where they came from and where they are going is their business.

But field files, orders, etc are available to the staff and everybody is accounted for on the class roster.

Rosters! We don't need no... stinkin' Rosters!!"

(I wonder if my HAMO from the Space Shuttle Discovery is on a roster somewhere....)

Team Sergeant
09-12-2009, 12:36
Are there any SF guys that live around his area that could drop by and have a TALK with this guy? :mad:

Big Teddy :munchin

Big Teddy,

Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. ;)


09-12-2009, 16:31
Rosters! We don't need no... stinkin' Rosters!!"

(I wonder if my HAMO from the Space Shuttle Discovery is on a roster somewhere....)

Saw that one at work yesterday. The SGM sent it to my air guys wanting to know why the request to conduct a "record breaking jump" wasn't routed through our office. IIRC the response included something about "forgiveness vs. permission". We did blame it on 1st SFG(A) though - they've been causing more than their share of headaches lately. :p

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Think Kenny needs some meds? Or is off his meds?

Ken, you're wasting all that talent, you should be the CEO of ACORN or better yet a Massachusetts Senator!


Nazi flag flying high over East Mesa againBy Ashley Meeks Sun-News reporter
Posted: 09/16/2009 12:00:00 AM MDT

- The U.S. Secret Service confirmed it is investigating a Las Cruces man's not-unprecedented threats against the government.

Ken Triplett, 54, whose Nazi flag caught the attention of neighbors and veterans last week, is on three years' supervisory release after a 2008 conviction for felony assault on a federal officer, U.S. Attorney spokesman Norm Cairns and U.S. Probation Office Deputy Chief Jose Cordova confirmed.

Triplett's flags - which he said signified protest against what he viewed as unjust government action and impending communism - were taken down Sept. 11 but went back up Monday, a Nazi flag still on top but the American flag right-side-up this time. A call to Triplett at his business, New Mexico Roof Coating Co., met with no reply and a hang-up. A subsequent message left there, seeking comment, was not immediately returned.

Alleged threats on Labor Day, that Triplett "said that he was heavily armed and that if he had to, he would strap bombs to himself and go to Washington, D.C., to take care of the government," reported by neighbors to Las Cruces police, got the attention of the Secret Service.

Agents "went door to door" Sunday, said neighbor Victor Mu-oz, 45, a Marine Corps veteran who said Triplett once told him he'd sold ammunition to the Iraqis as a Blackwater employee.

Secret Service Special Agent and spokesman Rich Ferretti confirmed the visit and said the investigation, which includes interviews and a check into Triplett's claims
of military service, is still in its very early stages.
"We're still conducting a background investigation," Ferretti said. "If we feel something's a criminal act, we present it to the U.S. Attorney. If we feel someone's a threat to our protectees, we monitor those individuals."

Triplett is on supervisory release after a November 2007 altercation at the Border Patrol checkpoint on Interstate 25 north of the city, where Triplett - accompanied by his two young sons - threatened to suicide-bomb the checkpoint, according to documents filed by a FBI agent in U.S. District Court.

"I was in Iraq for several years fighting for you guys," and "You are the reason I carry a shotgun," Triplett reportedly said, coming at one agent who had to push him away and warn him, according to the documents.

Once a supervisor arrived, "Triplett made threats of violence towards all the agents assigned to the checkpoint. Triplett stated that the next time he came through, he would have his vehicle packed with explosives and would detonate it, killing everyone and destroying the checkpoint," the documents state. Asked by the supervisor if he had a shotgun, Triplett said he did "and would use it if necessary ... that he (Triplett) would be the only person to touch it and if he did it would not be pleasant."

Finally allowing agents to search his truck, Triplett was overheard on his cell phone "stating that he needed 'backup' and to bring weapons and heavy artillery and told the person 'you know where I am.'"

As a supervisor was notifying his superiors, an agent told the supervisor Triplett had gotten a knife and was reaching into the area he'd said the shotgun was, at which point agents were told to arrest him and close off the vehicle ramp to the Border Patrol checkpoint to keep passing motorists away. When ordered to drop his knife, Triplett refused and waved it "in a fashion that appeared to the agents that Triplett was trained in knife-fighting." He continued to wave the knife even when a supervisor drew his gun and another agent sprayed him with pepper spray, at which time two agents took Triplett to the ground, where he dropped the knife and was handcuffed, the documents state.

Triplett also told the agents he was a Green Beret in the Special Forces - claims denied last week by spokesmen for both U.S. Army Special Forces Command and the JFK Special Warfare Center and School in Fort Bragg, N.C.

Under his conditions of supervision, Triplett was ordered to successfully complete both a mental health treatment program and anger management counseling and to not possess any firearms, according to documents filed in U.S. District Court.

Neighbors who showed up on Labor Day to look at Triplett's upside-down American flag, flying below a Nazi flag, told police Triplett stopped mowing the lawn and obtained a long-range, high-powered rifle with a scope.

Federal officers searched the Triplett's East Mesa residence Sept. 9. After investigating an alleged weapons violation of Triplett's supervised release, the U.S. Probation office found no violation.

"We are not investigating him on any new charges," said Cordova. "Right now, there's no violations that we're aware of, based on whatever investigation FBI did."

Cordova said the office is "not aware of any firearm. We looked into the allegations. There's not, as far as - our determination is there's not anything sufficient for a probation violation."

While he said he was glad to see the Secret Service looking into the alleged bomb statements, Mu-oz said the reappearance of the flags worried him.

"I'm concerned about the safety of the neighborhood," Mu-oz said. "Who knows what somebody's going to do over here. For the most part, it's been real civil and quiet, but you never know. Somebody might get tired of this guy doing this and want to do something."

Greg Baker, 32, a veteran who served in the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, Weapons Company, said he would be contacting the city's Veterans of Foreign Wars posts to see if they could convince Triplett to take down the Nazi flag.

"That's only one thing it's showing - hate. That's what it represents, not communism. He needs to get his story straight," Baker said, adding that if Triplett wanted to make a statement about communism, he should at least be flying the sickle and hammer. The Nazi flag, he said, "is nothing but hate."

Ashley Meeks can be reached at ameeks@lcsun-news.com; (575) 541-5462