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09-10-2009, 01:12

I have heard of the Rangers using a civilian trained EMT in each squad to off set the Ranger Life Saver trained soldiers. They would also assist the Ranger medic from what ive read. My question is how do these soldiers get stocked with equipment? Who handles their con-eds? Do they receive additional training in preventative med, trauma and IV access? If this has been answered please feel free to give me the atomic wedgie and send me away but my reason is im a civilian EMT among other things and serve in a National Guard Infantry unit. I bring my own bag of tricks to the field and usually the medics come to me for supplies and assistance. With rumors abound I may be on the move soon and would like to prepare as much as possible to ensure should something go down im prepared and able to bring our guys to either you all or the bright lights and cold steel guys in the forum.
Much thanks

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09-10-2009, 01:59
I am not sure about today, so my info may be dated just a bit, however at one time there was an EMT-B trained guy in each squad. He carried military trauma supplies in his squad aidbag, not civilian stuff and it was resupplied the same as all other medical personnel. He also received further training from the Platoon/Company Medic and/or the Battalion Surgeon regularly and their scope of practice included IV's (as does everyone who is CLS qual'd.) His job wasnt to do sick call, it was trauma, though like all hard chargers most would learn whatever was there to be taught.

Hope this clears up things up for you.