View Full Version : My man-cave in progress

09-04-2009, 17:27
I put a 2nd floor in my 12x12 Tuffshed for an exercise room. I put in an AC and a barracks size fridge. It will be getting cable hooked up to a wall-mount flatscreen TV next. It isn't huge, but it fits my bike and total gym just fine.

I'm 5'11" by the way, and I don't think someone much taller could get away with it. It's JUST tall enough for me using reinforced 2x6 floor joists.

I'm digging it!



09-04-2009, 17:45
I didn't know exercise machines were allowed in man caves? Did you get a waiver for that?

09-04-2009, 17:56
You need to get a 200 amp breaker installed to support the stereo and HDTV..


09-04-2009, 21:14
Digital Picture Plz.

10-01-2009, 19:59
Not to hijack, but here's a small part of my reenlistment bonus at work in the new house.