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08-05-2009, 21:13
I have been looking for a set of very high quality ballistic eyewear. I have used the search button, and gotten some good information.
The requirement is the eyewear must be wraparound, covering the area from just above the eyebrow down far enough to provide some protection from objects etc coming at the eyes from below, progressive Rx, (the Rx is not very strong, nor are the bi-focals). They will be used while driving, in the fied and urban environments, and the need to shift from a map, or GPS either on a console or, in my lap back to driving at varying rates of speed perhaps, in extremis as well. They should be polarized, and photo chromatic.
Thus far I have eliminated Oakley’s because the Rx is a half dollar piece in the middle of the lenses does not work for peripheral vision. ESS provides clip in/on lenses that just do not feel right. I keep coming back to Rudy Project eyewear that several contributors to this forum have spoken highly of.
I have a couple of questions: first, given the broad requirements I have outlined above, what questions/requirements have I overlooked re: ballistic eyewear? The next question is, if any members have used the Rudy Project eyewear in similar conditions, what experience/problems, if any, did they have with that brand of eyewear? Is there a set of eyewear, brand or, options that I have overlooked that may be considered when selecting ballistic eyewear?
Thank you for any comments, suggestions you may have on this subject


08-05-2009, 21:37
I like the stuff from Revision
I like the sawfly and hellflys.

08-07-2009, 18:53
Thanks Dozer, I had not considered these. I will take a look.


08-08-2009, 08:33
Remember with curved Lenses you are going to always have some type of light reflaction. Close in this is not a problem. But at 25 Meters or more your target is going to move left and right as you move your head. Wiley X eye wear is bad with this. Oakley has the least amount of reflaction that I have seen.
Best way to test this. Hold your Glassed about 12" in front of your face. Move them left and right. Observe how what you are looking at shifts left and right.

08-08-2009, 08:47
reflaction? I am unfamiliar with that term. Or do you mean refraction?

08-08-2009, 11:19
reflaction? I am unfamiliar with that term. Or do you mean refraction? Howie, I am not surprised you are unfamiliar with the term "reflaction". If you were, we probably would have to cut your head off and put it in the safe. I can't say too much but . . . It is a Special Forces term used almost exclusively by Special Forces Soldiers -- specially guys like kgoerz who have all that team time. I am going out a limb here (cover me) but I will confirm that it's meaning is 99.944% same as refraction. That was a nice job of reading for content.

08-08-2009, 12:17
That was a nice job of reading for content.

Or taking too many physics courses. :D

08-08-2009, 15:26
Dozer & Howie

I have spoken to the Oakley and Rudy Project folks plus my Optomitrist re: distoration of Rx lenses. What the reps at Oakley told me was that for any Rx lenses, they create a half dollar size circle in the middle of the lenses to include any progressive/bi-focal lenses. This leaves the peripheral vison uncorrected, and subject to distoration plus, the blurring that comes when one looks at an object at the boundary of the Rx lense and the uncorrected portion.
The Rudy Project folks told me that they create a Rx for the entire lense using computers and lasers to create the Rx (including the b-focals. They informed me that this process greatly mitigates any distoration for the sides.
This is the first time I have heard the term"reflaction" but, if it close to the definition of refraction, and I understand the effect it creates, I will need to do a little testing on myself to experience the effect first hand to at least beware
of the impact. Rudy Project is checking to see if they can add the "flash" (their term) option, it is a treatment similar to the mirroring the outside of the lense to reduce glare. Thus far, the Rudy Project folks seem to be the most forthcomming and informed regarding technical information on their product, and the impact of progressive Rx lenses. Rudy Project volunteered that they have produced many for the military (mainly Army helicopter pilots) primarily with the red lenses which when I tried them, seemed to provide a sense of greater clarity of detail for up close work (< = 10 ft). I have yet to contact the Sawfly folks so, my research is incomplete. The Rudy Project folks mentioned that Oakley is currently marketing to those folks 25 and youner, with the effect of the glasses being designed for the younger, leaner, smaller faces. I went to the Oakley shop and tried on several pairs and they did not cover my eyes & face quite as well as the Rudy Project (disclaimer, I have no financial interest, connection or emotional bonds with any company mentioned in my post). The Rudy Project folks told me they design their glasses for the more, mature, seasoned, older folks whose head & face is often larger than the tenager/young adults.
My Rx is not that strong. I have been told that will allow for better lense creation. I have no idea if this is a true statement. Once I get the glasses, and have any opportunity to use them, I will pay attention to this "reflaction issue", take them for a test drive and report back.

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08-08-2009, 15:56
reflaction? I am unfamiliar with that term. Or do you mean refraction?

Yes, refraction. your right. It has to due with the bending of light as it travels thru time and space thus entering another parallel Universe:D

10-08-2009, 08:14
I own Oakley's ballistic SI 2.0 glasses. They are good so far. Doesn't make me feel dizzy when I put them on or fog up, like the Revision eyewear that my company issued us.