View Full Version : 1SFG(A) Bracelets

08-04-2009, 08:01
My team is currently downrange in PACOM between trips to the sandbox and we are stopping through Bangkok on the way home. We have a couple of guys that have the Montagnard style bracelets with engraving. According to our BN CWO, there are a couple of engraving conventions to signify which BN, Co, and Tm you were on. Of course, Venus Jewelers does not have the break down....

Can anyone help me out?

In my google searching I did notice that the real Montagnard bracelets were brass from spent cartridges and had a wide variety of engraving styles. I am looking for specific 1SFG engraving convention so I can make sure the boys have something nice to wear after their first PACOM trip! An example of what we're looking at looks like this:

III <<<X>>> III III <<<X>>> III III <<<X>>> III III <<<X>>> III III <<<X>>> III

I think this is 4th Tm, B Co, 3rd Bn or now known as 1324... Thoughts?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.