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07-27-2009, 08:27
While I was at the range with my new pistol (See Bruised Thread) I decided to form some new cases for my elk rifle being as I had it there testing some bullets from a new bullet maker (See Hair Dryer Thread). Forming cases for the elk rifle is a multi step process of repeatedly neck sizing a 338 Lapua cartridge down to a 284 inside neck and creating a false shoulder. Then it is fire formed the first time with cornmeal and then it is finished fireformed with a bullet and annealed and is ready for full power loads. Having my video camera there for the debacle with the pistol I decided to video the cornmeal fireforming.

There are only two kinds of people who should watch these videos. First are the people who think they can become a nuclear engineer by watching Homer Simpson or a CIA agent by watching Family Guy; and Second, the retired people whose big event of the day is trimming their toenails. These videos were done on the spur of the moment and are very simple minded.

Lest anyone become concerned about what stickers I put on my guncase, I have always made it clear on any forum that I was not one of the snipers, I was just their Plt Ldr.

So here are the videos for the simple minded and the bored.

Load up the cases--


Finished and loaded cases


Making some noise and trashing up the place


Wasn't that exciting????