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07-07-2004, 20:33
(Here you go brewmonkey, an All American ketchup for your eggs. :eek: )

Creative Company Offers Alternative Ketchup for People Who 'Don't Support Democrats'
By Jimmy Moore
Talon News
July 7, 2004

EAGLE BRIDGE, NY (Talon News) -- Building on the excitement of election year politics, a company has decided to market an alternative ketchup for people who "don't support Democrats."

W Ketchup, produced by a company based in Eagle Bridge, New York, boasts that 100 percent of its product is made in the U.S.A., including the bottle.

"The leading competitor not only has 57 varieties, but has 57 foreign factories as well," exclaimed W Ketchup on its web site. "W Ketchup comes in one flavor: American."

The company inquires, "You don't support Democrats. Why should your ketchup?"

Since Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John F. Kerry (D-MA) has financially benefited from the ketchup fortune of his heiress wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, W Ketchup wanted to provide conservatives with another option for their favorite condiment.

"Choose Heinz and you're supporting Teresa and her husband's Gulfstream Jet, and liberal causes such as Kerry for President," W Ketchup expressed.

Additionally, the company said consumers enjoy the taste of W Ketchup better than Heinz.

"In side-by-side taste tests of five leading brands, we found that W Ketchup is second to none," W Ketchup remarked. "You'll never go back to Heinz again!"

And a portion of W Ketchup sales go to support the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarships to the children of soldiers who sacrifice their lives defending America.

Named after the "W" in Washington, D.C., W Ketchup is available exclusively on its web site. However, the company is hoping to place it in select stores soon.


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I do DD, now I have another acceptable choice.

Roguish Lawyer
07-08-2004, 11:53
My recollection is that Teresa Heinz Kerry liquidated her shares long ago, so this is a false issue.

The Reaper
07-08-2004, 13:51
Originally posted by Roguish Lawyer
My recollection is that Teresa Heinz Kerry liquidated her shares long ago, so this is a false issue.

Be nice if the company felt enough heat to say so in an official news release.


Roguish Lawyer
07-08-2004, 13:53
Originally posted by The Reaper
Be nice if the company felt enough heat to say so in an official news release.


I believe that is where I got the info, although it may have been a company spokeman quoted in a news article.

[Added via edit:]

Actually, I was not quite right. But close enough. The company has spoken, but she's got about 4% of the company. Good reason to boycott, I'd say, although you could argue otherwise.


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ON this topic.. I have something funny to show you. I'll be back after my next patient and a run down to the mess hall with the camera. :cool:

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Can't go wrong with Watties :D


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07-08-2004, 15:33
This is what happened when some of my patients(military veterans) noticed that heinz ketchup was being served to them. They immediately demanded that heinz ketchup be removed and another brand be purchased from now on. Well, here is the result.


Roguish Lawyer
07-08-2004, 15:53
Gotta love the seasoning options there -- you definitely are in Louisiana!

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Roguish Lawyer
07-10-2004, 18:48
Just bought del Monte . . .

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That's the spirit RL!

07-10-2004, 19:18
Did you know that Heinz-Kerry only owns 4% of the company?

The Heinz corporation also has donated more money to the GOP then to the demonrats. In fact they have not even made a donation to Kerry this year.

I am still not using their products though.


Here is a list of some of the companies and what they have donated and to which party.