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Team Sergeant
07-14-2009, 14:01

Special Forces remember fallen comrade with ceremony
By U.S. Army Spc. Ben Fox
Special Operations Task Force – North

TIKRIT, Iraq (Courtesy of CJSOTF-AP Public Affairs, July 13, 2009) – In the middle of a sandstorm, Special Operations Task Force – North troops on Combat Operations Base Speicher unveiled a memorial dedicating the unit’s compound as Firebase Bennett July 4 during a brief ceremony honoring a fallen warrior.

Life Support Area 100 is officially named after Army Sgt. 1st Class William Bennett of Operational Detachment Alpha 595, 3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), who was the first Special Operations Forces casualty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Bennett was killed in action in Ar Ramadi September 12, 2003. Each SOF compound in Northern Iraq has also been renamed in honor of other Special Forces fallen heroes.

Army Lt. Col. David Bolduc, the SOTF-N commander, opened the ceremony with a speech to his troops about Bennett’s courage and the operation where he lost his life.

“(Sgt. 1st Class Bennett’s) courage in battle bonds us together, inspires and strengthens our resolve,” said Bolduc. “Let us honor (Bill’s) sacrifice by vowing to never forget his story.”

Following Bolduc’s speech, he and Army Command Sgt. Maj. Charles Beebe, the SOTF-N command sergeant major, officially unveiled the memorial wall. The painted wall has a plaque honoring Bennett and his sacrifice.

“This ceremony is not about a plaque on a wall,” said Army Sgt. Maj. Hank Marsh, the SOTF’s operations sergeant major. “It’s about a Special Forces brother – it’s about my Special Forces brother.”

Marsh gave a brief account of Bennett’s life as his personal friend and fellow Special Forces Soldier, portraying him as a compassionate and spiritual person.

“He defined selfless service for me and to me,” he said. “Though he desired greatness for the whole, he acknowledged and served each individual.”



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Rest in Peace Brother....

Red Flag 1
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Rest In Peace SFC Bennett!!

Thank you for your service, and your sacrifice!!

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Rest in Peace, Warrior! Thank you for your service and sacrifice, SFC Bennett.

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Rest in Peace, Warrior.

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RIP, Vaya con Dios.

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Rest in Peace, Warrior ....................:(

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Rest in Peace, Brother.

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Rest in peace SFC Bennett. Thank you for your service.

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RIP Brother.

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Rest in Peace Brother....

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