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Team Sergeant
07-08-2009, 08:49
SUBJECT: Ronald Alan Bryant, White male, 6'2", DOB: June 9, 1966,
Florida DL B653-721-66-209-0 (Revoked)

The above subject is posing as a Command Sergeant Major from both 3rd and 7th Special Forces groups. He has assumed the identity of an active SGM with a similar name in 3rd Group. He travels between the Los Angeles area and Fayetteville (Fort Bragg). The subject has appeared around Ft. Stewart, Ft. Benning, Ft. Campbell, San Diego, Miramar Naval Bases, Eglin, MacDill and Los Angeles Air Force Bases.

Subject is a prior service E-4 and 100% DAV. This allows him access to military installations.

In Fayetteville/Spring Lake/Ft Bragg, NC he has been known to frequent Charlie Mikes, Legends, FUBAR, and the GB Club. He also may have attended SFA functions and activities.

VEHICLE: 1995 White Ford Bronco expired Florida DAV Plates.

If you have information please contact:
TFA Michael Hohan
FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force
Charlotte Division, Fayetteville RA
Fayetteville NC
Phone (910) 483-5163

Team Sergeant
07-08-2009, 08:53
All: There is an actual SF SGM with the same name, (different middle name). No one is looking for him....;)

Team Sergeant