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06-07-2009, 23:56
From what I've read I believe pending my dlab results I meet the requirements for SF. Now that being said I'm getting mixed information since I am active duty Navy do I have to be qualed Ranger or Airborne before I go to selection? A Army recruiter said that once I'm 6 mos from my EAOS I can request to switch and they are doing contracts for SF. Also can I get the contract if I've dropped from one of the Navy SOF programs? Aside from that what boots should I wear for training? I want to start rucking, I know there is a bunch of threads discussing this but I do not know what boot is standard issue for the Army. The current boots I run/pt in is the bates 922's. Are they sufficent for rucking for now or should I get the Army issue boots for rucking? I do appreciate your time on my questions.

The Reaper
06-08-2009, 17:46
The answers you seek are posted here already.

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