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ranger joe
05-02-2009, 16:25

I am trying to refrain from reposting a bunch of already answered question. I realize the POC numbers are listed on this site as well as some of the names of the POC I would need to speak to. I have called but received no call back at this point, but am not worried since a bunch of people call and say "I want to Join!" so Iím sure I need to keep calling, emailing, bugging, until I get a response. Ill list my questions below and see if anyone on here can help. If the question have already been asked and I missed them......well I guess I deserve to get flamed.

1-as a 34 year old male who has been out of active duty since 2002 and reserve duty since 2006, can I get an age waiver, or do I even need to get an age waiver. (11B1v. I posted an intro about 2 days ago)

2-Do I need to go to BCT/AIT/Airborne all over again or just a refresher course?

3-Can I join directly into 20th group as a NQP and go through SFIP. The reason I ask this question is I have gotten different answers from various people so i need a clarification.

4-I realize that there are multiple locations for 20th group, Roanoke Rapids being the closest for me (Iím in Charlotte NC) but Iím willing to travel...however it seems some of the various location have different ways of putting people into the unit. I.e. some have tryouts; some put you in SFIP and train you. Either one is fine for me just trying to figure out which is which.

5-Finally, I am wondering about SFAS/Q. After SFAS is there a waiting period to go to the Q? Being a full time LEO there would be a few things I would need to do before PCS'ing to Bragg. So is there a few monthsí lag to get these type of things in order?

Thank you men for answering my questions. I appreciate and value your input. This is a HUGE decision on my part and I donít take it lightly. Any wisdom on this journey is coveted.

Ranger Joe

05-02-2009, 16:46

If you are trying to get in contact with Bco 3/20th in RR, NC they are currently somewhere other than their home station. There is a Rear Det but I dont know how much they are in the office. One of them is a member here so I will shoot him a PM for you.

Some of your questions have been answered here previously...

1) No you will not need a waiver

2) No you dont need to attend them again. You will however go thru an Abn refresher before you jump again.

3) This depends on which one of the units you wish to join. As you know some have tryouts, others dont but all have NQP sections.

4) Seen #4

5) You can schedule your SFQC class to coincide with your leaving your civilian employer. The timeline will depend on you and your unit.

Best of luck.


05-02-2009, 20:01
My earlier post describing my adventures w/ B/3/20th answers most of your questions, you just have to read between the lines a little. All the NG units are stacked w/ 5-0, so they are all aware of things like closing out your court cases, etc. Our OpsSgt can be reached at the contact number and general questions (IRT B/3/20) can me directed my way via PM.


ranger joe
05-03-2009, 15:55
Thanks for the fast replies from both of you. I will PM if thats ok with you all.

ranger joe
05-04-2009, 13:20
Ok, I have read, reread and will probably reread again the responses I got plus the PM's. I think I am going to take this week and read ALL the responses I can come across in the section. Iím sure many of you get tired of hearing "how do I join SF?", so I will make the effort to answer my own questions. I guess the biggest question for me came from a conversation I had with a NG recruiter who told me my only option was to enlist in a NG for 6 years as 11B and then drop the paperwork to transfer. That part bothered me a bit since it seemed like some people were able to join directly. It really seemed like he was trying to backfill a unit. As I said, I will research this forum more this week and then start making phone calls. Crip and Exsquid, thank you for your time.

Ranger Joe

05-04-2009, 16:10
...I guess the biggest question for me came from a conversation I had with a NG recruiter who told me my only option was to enlist in a NG for 6 years as 11B and then drop the paperwork to transfer. That part bothered me a bit since it seemed like some people were able to join directly...

It all depends on the unit Joe. Some of them allow non-tabbed guys to join the Company/BN as a NQP awaiting SFAS, others do not. Inside the second group you have generally (2) subgroups: 1.) the companies who will let you drill with them for 3 or 4 months as a NQP and if you meet the standard they will send you to SFAS from whatever unit you are a part of (this is much easier on the SF company since if you dont make the cut they arent tied up finding you a new home and reclaiming gear you were issued) and when you return you will transfer to the SF company awaiting orders to PCS to Bragg for the SFQC; and 2.) the one which will let you drill with them and if you show yourself worthy they will let you transfer to them and then send you off to SFAS.

I cant speak for your recruiter but you may want to call the 20th Group recruiter, his office number is listed in this forum and he is a member here (sfrecrutr.) He will tell you like it is.

Best of luck in your decision...


ranger joe
05-04-2009, 16:39
Awesome information for me and guys in my position. You all have have been extremely helpfull. I will contact the appropriate POC and let you all know what I find out. Stay safe out there.