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04-29-2009, 12:17
Hey there

I have been trolling for a couple of years now on your site. I have found alot of posts helpful and even some PM's I have recieved even more helpful. I have had a hard time finding some information on the lifestyle/synergy of a team.

I am currently a professional firefighter/EMT/RN. Have a wife, a pheasent dog(black lab), and an ugly cat, no kids and a state stocked trout pond in my front yard. I must say I have it made in the civilian world but there is something missing. I have combat time. A level head. I work well under pressure. I find myself sitting on my front lawn thinking about different events I had with my squad mates in country alot and how much I miss it. I still talk to many of them to this day(4 years later) and meet up for the occasional beer and play some ice hockey. I served good years and wasn't slacker.

Since I made the transition from soldier to full blown civilian I find myself looking for that tight nich group of guys you can always count on and they can always count on me. That hold family in high regard and always willing to help each other out during work or off work. People that are willing to be there through the thick and thin. I know it sounds gay, but en extended family type thing. I can't find it in the civilian world, even in the fire service. Here, everyone would cut there co-workers neck for a promotion, rather then help eachother to get to the next level.

I think my main question I find myself asking is, is what I want from SF something that these men are looking for in candidates? What is the enviroment like? Whats the downtime like?

I still live to the standards that was intstilled with me in boot camp. As corny as it may sound the 7 army values have gotten me pretty damn far, LDRSHP hah! I still abide by the PT standard to this day and maintain an 80% in all categories. In fact what made me go to nursing school was coming back from iraq in 2005, when I got caught up in some situations where I wasn't sure what needed to be done to save lives medically since I was only an EMT-B/CLS. Now that I have graduated Nursing school(2year degree) I am ready to go back in. I know my path isnt being a regular leg unit or supply. I would like to surrounded by like minded individuals that use there head when they make decisions that affect peoples lives. I want the rocking chair effect when I'm 50 and want to be proud again when I look in the mirrior first thing in the monring when I wake up.

If I posted in the wrong place I apologize, figured it was more of a life related SF question for qualified individuals rather then a training question.

Thanks for your time.

04-29-2009, 12:36
ODAs are living and constantly evolving individualized entities - you wouldn't understand it unless you've lived it.

Try it, you might find it to your liking...or maybe not. ;)

Richard's $.02 :munchin