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04-27-2009, 16:19
I need a bit of assistance. I am trying to put together a powerpoint for the I MEF regarding Preventive Medical Considerations that are specific to Afghanistan. I haven't been there since 2001/02 so if any of you guys have recent theater experience, I would value your input. I have considerations such as HAPE/HACE, vectors, local fauna, and some infectious diseases of the area already knocked out. Any input on things you encountered out there recently(within the past 3 years) would be extremely valuable.

05-30-2009, 17:54
One thing I can add to aid in value to taking Anti Malaria Pills, is to take them religously. The Doc I worked with in Northern Afghanistan told me that up there (north) the Malaria can kill you. The Malaria south of say J-Bad only gives you fever. I was in both places with 1.5 years and I did not take the pills while down in Southern Paktika, but I took them all while in the north. 2/508th (05-06) had two soldiers with Malaria and were fine. 1/503rd (07-08) had one and he almost died.

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09-10-2009, 01:14

Would you mind sharing your work? I'm a civilian EMT that may be heading that way (if you believe the scuttlebut) and would like any and all ifno possible so i know what to watch for.