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04-24-2009, 11:23
Quiet Professionals-

Wanted to do a little comparison to help decisions:
1. Deployment length/ frequency (i.e. 1 year deployed, 6 months back)
2. Mind frame/mentalilty (i.e. like a gung-ho marine or AF finance personnel)
3. Equipment quality (in other words who gets better stuff)
4. Average time it takes until actually deployable
5. Which one has more fun (feel free to elaborate on this one :))

Only post if you have lived the life of one or both please.
Again thank you for your site and any advice given.


04-24-2009, 11:55

IMO - before you seek to waste everybody's time on this forum - you should:

Read the stickies and all the info related to these questions/answers found throughout the various forums
Learn how to use the SEARCH function (button in the top bar between the CALENDAR and FAQ buttons)
Then return with any unanswered questions when you've read the material and thought about what you just posted

But that's just my effin' OPINION. Oh, and have a very SF day! ;)

Richard's $.02 :munchin

wet dog
04-24-2009, 11:59
Re-define your question...

Aveage age of a Ranger in Battalion, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Ranger Regiment, etc. is 18-23. He is highly motivated, ready for work, training all the time. He is under the direct supervision of someone age, 20-24, rank of E5/E6.

Rangers not in Battalion, (the other guys), but in Cmbt units, 25th ID, 82nd ABN, etc., hold leadership positions.

The average age of a SF Team, from TM SGT to new guy just out of the "Q" is 32 years old. Rank structure for a complete team is very different, E6 to O3, with a CW3 in there just for fun.

While traveling abroad, only the SF community performs security "for heads of state" outside of Secret Service, for the simple reason, SF can perform complex roles, interface with foreign nationals and most importantly, work unsupervised.

Choose the Ranger path to begin a great career as a well trained infantry rifleman. When you're ready for Grad School and earn a PhD in diplomacy, submit your application for the University of JFKSWCS, followed by the continual education requirements of your CO/BN commanders. For the enlisted - expect your brain to melt in ANCOC/O&I and the SGM Cource/Academy. If you have any interest in becoming an officer, you can look forward to IOBC, IOAC, CASQIII, etc.

Good Luck!

The Reaper
04-24-2009, 12:31
You need to use the Search button and read before posting again.

These questions have been asked before, those that are not pure conjecture or opinion, anyway.

We also do not bash other services or branches here, or answer such questions.

I recommend that you not start any additional threads like this.