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06-26-2004, 19:44
Just wanted to share this with you.

My daughter graduated from HS today. Instead of having someone with 'celebrity' status give the Keynote address, today it was given by the Superintendent of Schools.

He was talking to the grads about giving to community, giving to the nation, now that they are going out on their own.

As he was getting more specific, he didn't do one of those 'puffed up' speeches reflecting what a good job they did educatiing the kids by then giving a percentage of grads who will be going on to colleges and universities.

Instead, he discussed the ability of each member of the class to have a choice regarding his/her next step in life. He went on discussing the meaning of their choices in today's world and he asked the graduates to stand who have chosen to go into military service. I believe it was 8 or 9 who stood (almost equally divided between male and female). The sustained applause for these students, from the audience and their classmates alike, brought a lump to my throat. It was wonderful to see.

But the Superintendent wasn't done, yet. He then looked out into the auditorium and asked everyone who had ever served our country in military service to please stand. Two rows ahead of me a very eldery man, someone's grandad, really had to struggle to get on his feet- using the seat in front of him and his arm rest to pull himself up. Once he was up, he stood as straight as an arrow, yet his hands were shaking as they gripped the seat ahead of him. As I looked around the auditorium, the number of people standing - moms, dads, grandfathers, uncles, grandmothers - it was easily between 35-40% of those in the auditorium who had served our country at one time or another in military service. The graduating class was on it's feet in a cheering standing ovation and the applause from the crowd was almost deafening.

When things settled down, the Superintendent said he wanted to thank everyone who had supported his family while he was gone for the year, and thanked those staff members at school who kept things running smoothly when he was called to active duty.

There was no doubt this afternoon, in a semi-rural school in western New York State, with a graduating class of 150 seniors, that service, honor, and country are in good hands.


Team Sergeant
06-26-2004, 20:07
That made my day.

Thanks for posting that....

Bill Harsey
06-26-2004, 20:12
There are some involved in education who get it. Thanks for telling that.

The Reaper
06-26-2004, 20:30
Thanks for sharing that.


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06-26-2004, 20:35
Thats a great story....

Its nice when someone working with our children "gets it"

Thanks for posting that!


06-26-2004, 22:03
RC that was truly awesome, thank you for sharing this.

06-27-2004, 19:28
someone's grandad, really had to struggle to get on his feet- using the seat in front of him and his arm rest to pull himself up. Once he was up, he stood as straight as an arrow

obviously an old paratrooper - no knees.:D

Outstanding post roycroft! Mind if I borrow it?

06-27-2004, 19:29
OBTW - No no go on trying to protect the NEA, we're still DXing it.:D

06-28-2004, 16:01

Feel free to borrow the post. Thank you for doing so - I think it was a snapshot of what many true Americans are all about, regardless of the trash the media likes to use to portray us.

I was so excited that I finally hit the number of posts where I could have an avatar, and I have decided not to use a 'shiney
red apple, sitting on a stack of books' !!! LOL !! Any avatar suggestions will be gratefully accepted .



06-28-2004, 16:33
Originally posted by Roycroft201
Any avatar suggestions will be gratefully accepted .

Here you go teacher... :p

06-28-2004, 20:10
LOL, Saca !!!

Ambush Master
06-28-2004, 20:19
Lady, any problem you have with your Av, please give a shout !!

Also, it would be an honor to us for you to invite the "Speaker" to this site !!!!

Very good POST !!

Take care.

06-28-2004, 22:55
Ambush Master, sir -

Wonderful idea about inviting the School Superintendent to ProfessionalSoldiers.com. I am in the process of writing him a thank you note - I will include it (the site info.) and will deliver the note to his office. I would like to thank him personally.

My former husband (my daughter' dad) served in RVN so I know he stood up and was recognized, as well. (He was not a Quiet Professional). I am glad for him, as I am sure it meant alot knowing that his daughter was one of those loudly applauding his service.


Vale Tudo
06-30-2004, 20:12
That is a great thing to read. I just graduated high school as well, and unfortunately, nothing of that nature took place at my graduation.

According to the rules, it is customary for new users to introduce themselves, and I will take the time to do that right now if you don't mind. Some of you may know me as "socket" from SOCNET. I'm a former wannabe but life has directed me towards a different path. Nonetheless, my respect and gratitude for those who have served hasn't changed, nor has my interest in current affairs and terrorism. I hope to lurk and post once in awhile. Thanks for allowing me to post over here, and thank you to those that have served and are currently serving.

07-02-2004, 20:43
Roycroft --

What a great post. Thanks for the inspiration.