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LR Money Shot
03-16-2009, 14:15
Did a search before I posted and nothing popped up about this site so I thought Id share.

www.scribd.com is a site that I use to find references and research materials, thought I would post it here for other 18D hopefuls. Its a free site where people upload manuals, documents, PPTs, etc. and you can download the book or periodical you need for free if you subscribe (this is a recent change). When you search I would recommend clicking use classic search after the results display this way you can see the cover of the document, then choose what format that the source supports that you would like to download it in; PPT, PDF, Word, etc.

People have uploaded everything on the site, OPSEC went out the window and there is now access to anything from Special Forces manuals, Sniper manuals, to terrorist reports; you name it and it will find it. For the medics, I have pulled very good books on anatomy, physiology, war surgery, and PHTLS. For the hopefuls, these come in quite handy when I am doing my coloring books.