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Team Sergeant
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The Additional Skill Identifiers (ASI) Here's a list I found, I cannot tell you how accurate the list is... I'm sure there's a better one out there.



Edit to add:

Many of us have a laundry list of ASI's and as far as I know you can only put "two" on your MOS line.

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To augment Team Sergeant's note,,

This is the PDF file of an Army pamphlet that supersedes, AR 211-201, dated 1999, 956 pages. A lot to read, but Acrobat browser has a search function.

"Department of the Army Pamphlet 61121"


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5Hs of the world, thank you!

Team Sergeant
02-15-2009, 15:46
5Hs of the world, thank you!

My MOS, 18Z5 designates me as a Special Forces Master Sergeant, the "H" is an Instructor (see def below) W8 is a Military Free Fall Parachutist. I have a few more ASI's that are not losted, such as Q8, and a few language ASI's.

H Instructor TRADOC

a. Description of positions. Identifies positions that require soldiers qualified to be full-time formal instructors in a military subject at any Army service school or other organized training activity. Instructor and advisor positions will be classified in any appropriate MOS code con sistent with the standards of grade provided in paragraph 3-2.

b. Qualifications. Must successfully complete an instructor training course (ITC).

c. Restrictions, SQl H will not be used to classify positions limited to instructor aides, such as projection machine operators, demonstrators, or test proctors.

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....b. Qualifications. Must successfully complete an instructor training course (ITC)....

That was, shall we say, interesting.

Was glad to swap out the H for a M.

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I had searched on 5H and was misled by the Internet. I will stand by my thank you however.