View Full Version : Looking for Cheap BDUs'

01-28-2009, 14:11
I am Looking for Panama Issued Jungle BDU, they are alittle different from the Nam era, the front pockets are angled (Top) and about the waist section they had a peice of cloth and buttons to tighten up the area. Mine are worn out and everything I have found in Fayetteville has been Nam era.
Second is Tiger Stripe BDU's, I would like to find something local, as my girth has changed with age:eek:

Blitzzz (RIP)
01-28-2009, 22:59
It may be a minor difference but Jungle Fatigues I had did have slanted breast pockets that made it easier to get at stuff while wearing a ruck. We're always wearing a ruck.:D
Zippers and buttons may also be a differing point.