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01-25-2009, 07:03
Thank You,,

SFC Curt Cxxx
MSG Aaron Exxx
SFC Bill Mxxx
MSG Willet Hxxx

The Story:

Shortly after joining Co C, 3rd Bn, 20th SF(A), we were activated for the Democratic and Republican Convention in 1972, in Miami Beach.

There was some though that the mere presence of Pres Nixon or George McGovern might create a hostile environment. This was based on the Democratic "Love In" that Chicago encouraged in 1968.

Anyway,, short version,, we slept in a kindergarten class room out on Key Biscayne while Dick stayed at BB Reboza's and another grade school in North Miami for George's party, it was a miserable tour.

For our effort, The Governor awarded all individuals in the unit, the Florida Active-duty Ribbon,, but they never sent the ribbons..

I emailed the 20th SF(a) POC and asked if someone could tell me where I could secure a ribbon for a couple shadow box displays I am making for my kids..

The above named individuals came through...

From a Grateful FOG...

If anyone knows how to pass this on to their CO's,, please do...

01-25-2009, 07:18
I worked with Curt when I was a recruiter in Ocala, I was the only active duty recruiter that he actually got along with. I haven't spoke to him in a few month's but I believe he is still the Recruiting and Retention NCO for A. Co. So I'm not exactly sure who he falls under as far as CO's go. There is a guy in ROTC with me that just transferred over from 20th group so I can ask him and maybe he will know.