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Go Devil
01-24-2009, 14:23
Hello Gentlemen,

The subject of this post occurred last summer, but I thought the topic was appropriate as we enter the Starving Months and frozen snow.

As my daughter and I were hiking we found a few feet of old chicken wire and proceeded to make a fish trap.
I sized the funnel on the trap to accept 6" fish, but the large fellow in the photo squeezed his way in.
I learned this old low-tech trap from my father and have now passed the knowledge to my daughter.

24"X30" piece of chicken wire: Cut or break into a 24"X24" square, roll square into 6" tube. Form funnel shape and cap from remaining piece. The three pieces hook to one another utilizing the trailing ends of the wire.
Cordage or 550 cord. Tie to capped end of trap and to an object upstream.

The above materials fold and stow easily in any small pack without adding much weight or taking up much room.

When placed along bank of river or creek, point capped end up-stream of funnel end.
With the addition of bait in the trap this works for crawfish as well.
Wire with smaller mesh is good for minnows.

These traps don't take much energy to make and will fish for you all day long while you are occupied with other activities.


01-24-2009, 15:36
Thanks! Thats an "eating" size bass in that pic! :boohoo

01-24-2009, 15:39

I saw this a couple months ago when I was home in my little brothers boy's life... we have a salt water canal by our house and we just make a new one every time we go now to catch bait. The same uses could be applied in a survival situation IE anywhere there is trash and water...

01-24-2009, 15:45
I can remember using a similar rig as a kid in scouts.

I think ours differed in that we flattened the leading edge and crimped rather than make the "cap".

It worked great on trout & perch..

Thanks for the reminder..

Now if I can remember,,
I''l teach it to my G-kids when they are old enough...


01-24-2009, 17:32
Good thread. Tnanks

Nice fish in that trap.

Good link to the minnow trap.

Team Sergeant
01-25-2009, 09:57
Can you make one without chicken wire?
I can, with local materials found just about everywhere you can find fish.;)

Go Devil
01-25-2009, 10:39
Can you make one without chicken wire?
I can, with local materials found just about everywhere you can find fish.;)

As can I, but they are a bit cumbersome to pack. ;)

Comparatively, as far as fish traps go using native materials, I would regress a bit further and go with a fish weir using stones or wood shafts.

Water/air temperature and available resources/energy would dictate which method would be best suitable.

Bonus points to anyone who can tell us the scientific label of the creatures you will catch if your traps are directed down stream.

I'll dig through our photos.