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01-11-2009, 19:48
Not sure if this really fits this catagory but here goes.

I'm currently assigned to a Combat Support Hospital in Iraq and the idea was brought up of trying to get all our medics who want to trained and certified as EMT-I's and possibly onto paramedic if time permits. We've been in contact with a few schools/companys that do offer part of the training online, however all required that we go to their location for the skills/clinical portion.

So we're looking for a company that can come to us, or work out some other means of getting this done; teleconfrencing ect.

If anyone out there knows of a company that can or would do this sort of thing I'd greatly appreciate being put in touch with them.

Might not even be possible, most companys I've emailed either flat out said no, or we would have to go to them.

Thanks for your help.

01-11-2009, 20:18
Just an idea Crash,

I had a good chat with one of the senior staff at the University that turns the 18D course into a BA-EMT. Western Carolina University (???) off the top of my head.

Either way I found them to be definately outside the square thinkers. If anyone was willing to start something up they would be and they already have a relationship with the Army educational thingy.

I thing the standard EMT training companies might be turned off because Public sector contracts can be fiddly.

I can get you details if ya need.


01-11-2009, 20:40
Your site must be recognized as a teaching and testing site and your instructors must be "accredited" by whatever institution is going to sponsor you. The problem will be the MTN - "Military Training Network" - which runs / certifies the courses for BLS / ACLS / etc...
If you utilize the National Registry - your course director will need to be registered at the Registry HQ in Ohio.
The MTN is a recognized teaching and testing entity for these other courses - this then generates a problem because the MTN precludes any charge for becoming certified for these basic courses.
If a University were to come to you...it would have to be independent of the MTN and at your cost.
Also - there are Ambulance rotations that must be accomplished for EMT-P.

As far as Western Carolina, I had the SOMG(A) CSM at my house last Thursday, as we were former teammates, and I asked him about this.
Western Carolina does provide significant credits TOWARDS a BA after the completion of the course - it does not "turn the 18D course into a BA-EMT". They are working towards more recognition for the training provided.


01-11-2009, 21:38
Sorry Eagle,

My appologies for being vague there, I meant to say "they take what you have from the 18D course and teach two more years to turn it into a BA-EMT".

Thanks for clarifying


01-12-2009, 17:19
Thank you,

So far I've heard back from two colleges, one says they can send people here, the other suggested having a physician be our medical director and having it taught by some of our RN's.

Working on getting some more info on both ideas.

Also as things are right now this venture IS NOT being supported by our command; so more than likley this will come from our pockets/TA/GI Bill.

I'm also trying going to get in contact with BlackWater and a few other companys that do more customized training and see if maybe something could be worked out with them as well.

Any suggestiong are welcome; I'm really not sure whats out there as far as companys/colleges/schools that do this sort of thing so if anyone knows of any.

Once again thanks for your help so far.

05-01-2009, 15:52