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12-14-2008, 15:00
This is a strange posting, but hell let me ask.

I am getting the ass living here in Maryland. Hunting grounds are so few, for deer that is, too many cars, and just too many people, and itís hard to carry a gun here. You know Iím wine and bitching. So out towards the west the wife and I are looking into moving in about two years. Sooner if the market for housing gets better, and then there is that job thing I need to find. ButÖ.

What I am asking is, whatís the environment like living there near Fort Carson, just Colorado in general? Schools, housing, etc., yep and the work thing. My kids are 7 and 8, and donít want them in these Baltimore schools. The schools suck..

Just making plans and having dreams, for I know there is a better place then Maryland, before you ask, I moved here after retiring from the 5th for a job. Itís just a stepping-stone for me.

Please let me know your thoughts are living out in Gods country.

Albeham :munchin

12-15-2008, 15:05
Colorado is certainly God's country 360 days out of the year. Right now it is hell with temps in the minus zero stuff. Any info you need regarding jobs, crimes, schools, and housing prices let me know. I will send you what I know and hook you up with people in the know. Razor is the expert on Colorado Springs area!

12-15-2008, 17:16
RGR, Thanks.

What are the schools like out there? Is the cost of living good, or do I need to get a 100,000 a year job?


12-29-2008, 14:27
Like anywhere else, the answer to most of those questions is "depends", and is very location-dependent.

Personally, if you can afford it I'd look into the north/northeast area of the city and suburbs. District 20 schools have a good reputation, but the cost is higher property taxes. Schools in the Broadmoor area (southwest) are also pretty good, but once again, look at the mean family income there and you'll understand why.

Housing costs right now are still mid-range, but I can foresee a bit more slippage before a long-term rebound.

Food costs have gone up quite a bit, just like the rest of the country. Gas is running around $1.50 right now, which I understand is much lower than most of New England.

The big industry here is defense contracting. Five military posts will do that. That said, that market is rather tight right now and will likely stay that way at least until mid-summer; perhaps longer, depending on federal decisions. Construction (both residential and commercial) was really big several years ago, but has fallen off significantly for obvious reasons. Even outside govt. contracting, tech is a major business here, along with service industry jobs.

Development is heading north and east. 10 years ago, Academy was the center of the city. Now, its a few miles east at Powers Blvd. I expect growth to continue marching east, albeit more slowly than in the past decade. Its tough to build a whole lot on the side of a mountain range.

You can live pretty comfortably with a $100K income if you don't spend too extravagently.

12-29-2008, 17:40
Razor, Thanks a lot. This is what I need to think about. Life here in the controlled area of Maryland is nice cause of family. But I am thinking of my family first. Too much Baltimore fallout and not enough outdoors for me.

Outdoors is my environment.

Been flying a desk since I got out, but it pays good. I also enjoy being home everynight and on weekends.

Two years the wife and I are going to move from this to another home where we are going to retire in .

I am a EE working a DOD contract, radio is the field I work in, EMI EMC stuff.

Thanks again my eyes are always open.


02-11-2009, 21:11
Hunting grounds are so few

What kind of hunting do you want to do?

Maryland is over run with deer. I passed on three different shots during muzzle loader season because I am just to lazy to drag a doe out of the woods, so there is no point in shooting them if you aren't willing to drag them out.

This is a little one I killed on opening day and was home by noon and had him in the freezer before dark. it does not always happen that way but sometimes it does.

There is 1K F-class each month at Quantico MCB. We shoot 15 rounds at 800 yds, 15 at 900 yards, and 20 at 1K. It is usually the second Sunday of the month. About half or better of the shooters are just civilians, about a third are ex-jarhead. It is pretty relaxed and laid back as long as you don't shoot anybody. We had a SF guy who was home from Afghanistan shooting with his dad last Sunday. Naturally his Dad was so pleased to have him home.

They are also starting official NRA Highpower and Palma - by the rules. I am more relaxed and do not care so much for strict rules stuff. I just shoot to refine my hunting skills.