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11-30-2008, 20:39
I took ROTC a few years back (o1-02) and had a MSG that came from 7th Group as an instructor. Great guy, really got me into the whole military thing at the time. I will not put his name out here in public, but if anyone recognizes the following initials and time frame, i would love to hear his where abouts and how he is doing. PM me if you may know. Some of his pics included he and his team hiking Mt Rushmore and some stories about Panama and dropping weight lifting equipment in. I searched AKO people, and no luck. I did come across a MSG (ret.) J.D. working for Raytheon, but don't think this is him.

J.D., originally from north Florida, Gainesville area.
with 7th Grp before 2001 (became ROTC instructor in Utah the summer 2001).