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11-25-2008, 00:57
I recently went on a mad rampage trying to find a "good" medic pouch that I can carry my 1st line medic gear in, rather than dropping my med pack every time something happens. I came across the Tactical Medical Solutions Drop Leg pouch.
It can be worn as a sub-load on the leg or attached to your MOLLE rig (one of my biggest criteria because I dont like stuff on my legs). The inherent bulk factor that comes with all medical pouches is greatly reduced here, it is not much thicker than a double mag pouch (pics will illustrate) and takes up 3 channels of MOLLE, but it sticks out on either side enough to cover 5 slots. It also features MOLLE channels on the face of the pouch for attachments of other MOLLE/PALS pouches. A big plus was that it fits on my TT velcro tear away panel for even more access to the insides.
It opens completely (clamshell style) for complete access to the lower (the part that is upside down when zipped up) panel, which features mesh pockets large enough for ACS sponges, HEMCON, and ACS/Hyfin Chest seals. There are small elastic loops sewn on top of the pockets that fit NCD needles, NPAs, etc. It also features a handy pocket to stick your exam gloves (only fits 3-4 pairs).
Overall this pouch would be a great addition to any medic's kit for first line gear. I honestly think it is a touch bulky for most shooters/door kickers kits, there are packages out there that are a little tighter and built more for that mission (i.e. the TT medic pouch or some of the S.O. Tech gear). This pouch is made with the medic in mind, everything is accessible and compartmentalized so you dont have to move something out of the way to get to something else. Four stars out of five in my book. Hey nothing is ever perfect.


11-25-2008, 16:46
Is this the pouch you're talking about?


If so, does it have MOLLE channels on the back as well that attach it to the leg rig? I'm looking for a good individual med kit pouch for my Ruck, thought this might fit the bill.


11-25-2008, 17:06
We are adding these soon, Tac Med makes great stuff.

11-25-2008, 22:32
What Op-Tac said... Tac-Med makes some great gear and some great care products as well..

I dont really see the need in carrying a bunch of stuff on my vest or body for treating others... I do carry a couple extra TQ's and a couple vac'd kerlix but thats it. Anything outside of placing TQ's (CUF phase) I go to the cas' IFAK or my bag (mission dependent but I either have my TT FRB on me or a smaller version of the M9 and there is always more stuff in my assault pack or ruck).

I tried one of the eagle med pouches at one time but I generally find them too restrictive for my liking. I dont even use one for my personal IFAK; I use a 4x7 GP pouch. For what little med gear I carry on me I use a TAG 4x4 GP...works great and I have room for my green lensed headlamp.


11-26-2008, 18:57
How does it compare to this one (http://www.hsgear.biz/ProductInfo~productid~36-CUFTHIGH.html)?

I've considered trying to get ahold of it to try it out.

11-26-2008, 22:34
To answer a couple of the Q's posted:

1.) No it is not the pouch from chinookmed.com (good site though). Check out tacmedsolutions.com for this particular pouch. It come ready for drop leg applications. Just unclipping a couple of straps makes it mountable to your kit.

2.) I've never used the HS Gear rig in question. It seems like it would get the job done as well as the TACMED Solutions' rig.

3.)OPTACTICAL is a must know site for any gear head:D like myself. You guys should definately pick up the tacmed gear line.

I can email pics of it the way I have it set up if you guys want them.