View Full Version : Starlight Hard Cases

11-15-2008, 22:13
A friend just alerted me to a sale Starlight (http://www.starlightcases.com/) has posted on the Sniper Country website.


We've discussed these cases several times as quality alternatives for more expensive (and heavier) Pelican or Hardig/Storm cases. Most of us with military experience have seen/used examples of them (probably without noticing the manufacturer) because Starlight gets a lot of contracts to case sensitive equipment. TR got me interested in them several years ago; since then I've acquired five of their cases. Can't beat the price and if you live in the FBNC area it's worth the trip to drive to the warehouse and shop in person. They're good people and they've usually got scratch & dent stuff not listed anywhere for fantastic prices that they'll be happy to part with. They're especially supportive of MIL/LEO guys (they customized my stuff while I waited - and I enjoyed the tour/data dump; never even noticed the wait).