View Full Version : 63rd Annual Menton Week Ceremonies.

Trip_Wire (RIP)
11-14-2008, 21:11
Note: Correction 64th Annual Menton Week!

The 1st SFG(A) will be celebrating the 64th annual Menton Week ceremonies this December.

Attached Adobe .pdf file for details!

11-30-2008, 23:21
I'll be there tomorrow to check out the shooting and new toys all the guys have on Range 42 on Monday afternoon; anyone else going?

12-03-2008, 00:23
Hey all,
Range 42 was great on Monday. They had, the 203, M4, SAW, Pistol, MP5, etc.. Lot's of ammo and no waiting. They had a 30ft climbing wall for the kids to climb on - that was popular. When I showed up there was a 10 year old kid, whos dad pulled him out of school, and he was shooting a full belt of SAW ammo. I mean c'mon - it doensn't get any better than that. He's as good as recruited -lol! Future Green Beret if you ask me. He was grinning ear to ear.

The official opening ceremony was today (Tues) and there was a sad turnout from the retirees. I only saw one other guy there that was retired.

Anyway, it is a great opportunity to bump into old comrades 'cause they are required to be in formation. They had the wreath laying ceremony for all our brothers who gave there lives for our country.

I find it odd, that things I found completely annoying and "gay" when I was active. I now find touching and important to attend. Isn't that wierd. It's like now that I'm retired I can let my guard down and enjoy myself in some way, now that I'm not a part of it.

There is a big shooting competition going on Thursday at range 42. It starts at 0900 and I'll be there wearing my BHI hat and taking pictures of bad shot groups to use as "ammo" later on - lol!

Hope to see you there.