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11-07-2008, 12:29
Found this article on T-Nation. Thought some might be interested.


11-07-2008, 14:34
Throughout the article I kept expecting the author to take a mostly negative turn to what I think to be a fantastic workout concept for my world. Agree or Disagee with statements that were made, I was happily impressed and suprised to read the last three paragraphs.

11-24-2008, 17:07
Instead of making a new thread, figured I would just ad to this one. Anyone check out today's WOD picture. Today is a rest day, but the bottom picture caught my eye. Good Job Professionals. :lifter

Edit: Tried to link the picture, but it turned out too small to see. Would be better to check it out at www.crossfit.com

11-24-2008, 17:27
are those SF guys who have their own CF gym and do cross fit workouts?

11-24-2008, 19:10
The banner has the maroon beret also. So I think there are airborne members in there as well. The insignias, (shields), on the banner are different groups. (Not really pertinent, just admiring the banner.) The caption under the picture says CF seminar then list Fort Campbell. Plus the three people on the bottom left look like CF instructors.

My guess is they are at a gym on Fort Campbell. Never been to Fort Campbell, but the Army bases I have been on, tend to have more than one gym. So it might be a smaller gym they use for CF stuff. I'm sure a QP or an Airborne member will answer that though.

Figured I would post the picture since CF has been discussed in here recently, and incase anyone who was in it might of missed it. That, and because I thought that banner was pretty well done.

11-24-2008, 20:22
The banner has the maroon beret also...

If you will notice, there is the dagger and crossed arrows behind the maroon beret. This represents the support elements (non-tabbed) of Group.

There is a fairly large following of CF amongst all the SF Groups.


11-24-2008, 20:30
TAking a road trip to Santa Cruz next week. Will be visiting the HQ gym up there, hoping to see Pat Barber, Eva Twardokens and that whole fire breathing crew. :lifter

11-25-2008, 11:14
Who remembers an early version of "Crossfit" at Ft. Bragg, that was a subset of the "MATA Mile." It was located on the southern part of Smoke Bomb Hill, between the pine trees south of Son Tay Road. We called it Circuit Interval Training.

It consisted of a quarter mile dirt running track, surrounding a set of 20 stations. Each station had one exercise, such as push up, sit up, horizonal ladder, bench press, military press, rope climb, body twist, etc. The plan was simple, run a lap, do a station, run a lap, do another station. 20 stations = 5 miles. It was a considerable workout, spread throughout all muscle groups. Like Crossfit, it wasn't designed to make you good at any one exercise/sport/
event; but to be "fit". It seemed to do everything that the Crossfit advocates want: muscle size and strength, speed, power, agility, balance, and a whole lot of circulatory-respiratory endurance.

It usually ended at the bear pit, when the command was "all in" and the goal was to be the last thrown out of the pit.

It existed in the mid 1970's, and was used a lot during the Ft. Bragg part of the Q course.

Looks like the Crossfit crew has decided to also emphasize broad spectrum fitness.


I know that there is a Crossfit Gym on the 41-A Bypass in Clarksville (outside of Ft. Campbell) and I see "crossfit moves" and shirts at the Clarksville Athletic Club, but I'm not up to speed on what is going on "on post" in the way of crossfit groups/training.

11-25-2008, 12:01
Plus the three people on the bottom left look like CF instructors.

Don't know the blonde, but the other two are the owners of Crossfit Fairfax (northern Virginia). Professional firefighters who alternate days at the gym and at the firehouse. Good people.