View Full Version : GA NG SF ??

10-29-2008, 15:13
I've heard rumor/truth that the state of Georgia is getting its own NG SF units... I'd figure that this would be from 20th group.

Does anyone have any more info on this???



11-03-2008, 08:56
I wouldn't plan my future around it . . .

If 20th Gp gets a 4th battalion - and right now, I don't know of any funded plan to give the NG groups one; my suspicion is that one of the purposes of the 4th Bn for the AD groups was to lessen the need to deploy the NG groups - but that's a different subject.

So, in the unlikely event that 20th were to get a 4th Bn, then there is a rumor that there was a staff study that indicated that one potential COA, if a further study supports a decision to put part of the force in the vicinity of LA, west FL and GA, and if GA agrees to host an SF company, then it might be possible to reflag the GA NG LRSD company to an SF company, since there's another rumor that all of the NG LRSDs are being reflagged or deactivated.

So, evaluated as RUMINT, its good info, as anything else, its F6.