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Doc Z
10-09-2008, 10:50

I am interested in re-joining the 1/19th SFG REC. I am currently on Active Duty and deployed in Afghanistan as a Medic with 1st ID. My Active ETS is Jul2011 and our deployment finishes the summer of 2009. My question is this:

I am wanting to know if I need to wait for my Active ETS to transfer to 1/19th or do I need to setup some paperwork on the Active side to transfer to the 1/19th?

My intention is to go to SFAS and eventually SFQC. I have not been to SFAS yet and I believe I only drilled once with 1/19th REC. Any help is appreciated.

- Doc Z

11-05-2008, 15:17

You must ETS from active duty before joining the 19th. this is what I would do...
While on active duty put in for a SFAS school date within 6 months before your ETS date. Once you pass SFAS start working with a NG SF Recruiter (I will post the link) to bring you to the NG. This way you wont have to spend much time in the Rec company. You will be sent to the Q course within 6 months of joining the NG.


This has a map on it with recruiter information. Choose the state you want to join and send them an email. They will have the best advice for your career.

Good Luck and stay safe!


11-06-2008, 20:21
1/19 where? Which state do you want to go to? Washington or Utah?

Mike, six months might just be for your state. Time to the SFQC varies state by state and how long it takes to get a security clearance. But that is good advice on doing SFAS while active. That's what I did.

In addition to being a member of 1/19, I am also contracted by the guard bureau as a recruiting assistant. You have a couple of options. The first is talking to the guard LNO at your transition office when you are preparing to ETS. The second is to ETS and then talk to a guard recruiter, preferrably one attached to an SF unit (I know both for Utah and Washington).

Hope this helps. Let me know if I can help you further.