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06-01-2004, 16:05
I recently reviewed the U.S. Special Operations Command combat casualty findings and recommendations which focused on the combat medic lessons learned from the Mogadishu operation in 1993.

I thought a thread might be appropriate on improvised equipment that can be used for movement of non-ambulatory patients, types of equipment preassembled that can be worn on your gear to improve your fellow soldiers chances of removing you from a exposed position once wounded, or recommended techniques or equipment needed for draggin or carrying fellow soldiers out of the line of fire,etc ?

I will start it off..

One technique recommened for use during urban operations is to keep a snap linc tied to a length of chord in your gear. If wounded, still in directed fire zone from the enenmy, and unable to move to cover under your own power, you could clip the the snap linc to your own gear and the line can be thrown to a fellow soldier( who has taken cover). The fellow soldier can then drag you out of direct enemy fire without exposing himself to it from his protected position.

Other ideas?

Maple Flag
06-01-2004, 16:29
Good idea, but I would reverse the procedure so that the healthy soldier makes the throw, and the injured soldier just hooks up or holds on, my reasoning being that the injured soldier in the line of fire may

a) not want to be making multiple movements including gross motor moves that may attract fire his way

b) not be able to make a stong/accurate throw, but hopefully will still be capable of hooking up or hanging on to a line tossed to him

The idea reminds me of accounts I've read of VC/NVA wearing a rope around the ankle(s) to aid in quickly taking their dead and wounded with them during hit and runs.