View Full Version : AD to Guard after 20 years

10-06-2008, 22:18
I am currently an 18C who is just over halfway through reclassing to 18D. I just went over 17 years of active duty in July. I was planning to retire after another three or so years of team time (I'm due to graduate in March), but lately I have been considering switching to guard. I have a couple of questions though. One, will the guard even take a guy that already has over twenty years of active federal service and two, what would that me for my retirement when I finally do retire? Thanks.


10-06-2008, 22:53
Only if you do not accept AD Retirement. There is an effort to bring retired E7/E8 back from retirement to fill the 180A slots but it is still in the talk/planning phase. More to follow. I hope.

MSG Edwards
20th SFG
Accessions NCOIC