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09-19-2008, 11:05

09-19-2008, 18:04

Are you still branching Finance? I ask because you mention finding a L/P for an Infantry or Cavalry unit. But I digress...

As for your ability to drill as an NQP, I am not going to begin to advise you on hows and why's as my SF Company will be a lil different than B/2/20. I will tell you that you need to focus on and engage one target at a time as they appear. You being in OCS still have a long way to go before you need to worry about the NQP program or SF. If I were in your shoes I would focus on the task at hand, then IOBC (if you are going Infantry), then Ranger School, then learning to be the best Platoon Leader, Company XO, etc... There are plenty of things to keep you busy with an Infantry/LRS unit and as such thats where your focus should be right now, not the NQP program. You need to learn to lead men, and you wont be doing ANY of that in the NQP program.

On the topic of looking for like-minded individuals to train with, why dont you try training with your unit in the interim, before you are ready for SF. I am sure there are plenty of young studs who can give you a run for your money and who would appreciate seeing their PL/XO/CC out training with them. Take your NCO's on a PT run and bond with the men... You will be surprised how much motivating others will increase your motivated.

And finally, I assure you the guys in Glen Arm arent ignoring you. There is alot going on right now with 2nd BN as a whole and it may just take some time for them to get back to you; be patient.

Remember, time training/learning is never wasted time.


09-19-2008, 19:12
Agree with everything Cric said...

At my old unit we had an "O" NQP. Complete physical stud and went to SFAS. Had no problems until he was not selected at the end. Why? He had little leadership experience. Nice enough guy but didn't have what the board was looking for. You don't need a NQP program to train. Don't ever ask your team/unit to do something that you aren't willing to do. Ranger school would be a great asset to someone with a non-combat MOS. Read 7-8, read the Ranger Handbook, re-read, and continue the process. Know the basics.

Like Cric said - the guys probably aren't ignoring you. They probably realize that your situation isn't on the front burner. There's lots of other NQP issues to deal with - Like guys in the course, or about to go to selection, etc... If you're still die-hard to go train, take the day to go talk to the guys in the office not just a phone call.